Desalination News

  1. Formosa Petrochemical Corporation Selects IDE Technologies To Build And Operate Its SWRO Desalination Plant

    IDE Technologies, a world leader in water treatment solutions technology, today announced that it has been commissioned by Formosa Petrochemical Corporation (FPCC), engaged in the refining and distribution of oil products, to build its Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant.

  2. Freshwater From Salt Water Using Only Solar Energy

    A federally funded research effort to revolutionize water treatment has yielded an off-grid technology that uses energy from sunlight alone to turn salt water into fresh drinking water.

  3. Using Sunlight To The Max

    Materials called transition-metal carbides have remarkable properties that open new possibilities in water desalination and wastewater treatment. A KAUST team has found compounds of transition metals and carbon, known as a MXenes but pronounced “maxenes,” can efficiently evaporate water using power supplied by the sun.

  4. Marshall Island Solar Mini-Grids Make Water, Save Lives

    Amid unprecedented rising sea levels from Climate Change, forward thinking governments are discovering the world’s most technologically advanced, expandable, plug and play, solar and wind powered mini-grids and pairing them with high efficiency, R.O.

  5. International Desalination Association Names Dubai As Site Of 2019 IDA World Congress

    The International Desalination Association (IDA) announced recently that it has selected Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), as the site for its 2019 World Congress on Desalination and Water Reuse.

  6. LG Chem To Supply RO Membranes To Egypt's Largest Seawater Desalination Plant

    LG Chem is stepping up a drive to lead the global water treatment market after winning Egypt’s largest project to turn sea water into fresh water.

  7. Caribbean Island Of Eleuthera To Increase Supply Of Drinking Water With GE's Desalination Technology

    Despite being surrounded by water in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean island of Eleuthera has experienced challenges with the supply of fresh, potable water. To help improve water quality and reliability of potable water, GE is providing Water and Sewerage Corporation Bahamas with a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant.

  8. Plasmonics Could Bring Sustainable Society, Desalination Tech

    The emerging field of plasmonics could bring advances in chemical manufacturing, usher in new clean and sustainable technologies and desalination systems to avert a future global water crisis.

  9. IDE Technologies Completes Re-Commissioning Of The Santa Barbara Desalination Plant

    IDE Technologies, a world leader in water treatment solutions technology, recently announced that it has completed the reactivation of the Charles E. Meyer Desalination Facility with the City of Santa Barbara, California.

  10. Squeezing Every Drop Of Fresh Water From Waste Brine

    Engineers at the University of California, Riverside have developed a new way to recover almost 100 percent of the water from highly concentrated salt solutions. By Sarah Nightingale