Desalination News

  1. LG NanoH2O Is Now LG Water Solutions

    LG NanoH2O, Inc., manufacturer of the most efficient and cost-effective reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for desalination, announces that it is now part of the newly launched LG Water Solutions business unit created by its parent company, LG Chem.

  2. Sponge Creates Steam Using Ambient Sunlight

    How do you boil water? Eschewing the traditional kettle and flame, MIT engineers have invented a bubble-wrapped, sponge-like device that soaks up natural sunlight and heats water to boiling temperatures, generating steam through its pores. By Jennifer Chu MIT

  3. The Quest For Clean Water

    The air was hot and gritty. Shehazvi had to squint to see past the sun into the edge of town, past the cars and motorcycles whizzing by, past the scorched earth, to where old buildings stood beautiful in their own way, muted pinks and oranges still curving and curling in all the right places. No rain again today. By Alissa Mallinson

  4. Desalination Buoys Offer Alternative To Centralized Systems

    A North Carolina startup company is developing a device that would turn ocean water into fresh drinking water. Their technology would exclusively use wave energy to power reverse osmosis.

  5. Hamma Seawater Desalination Plant In Algeria Honored With OPIC Impact Award For Critical Infrastructure

    GE and the Algerian Energy Company’s Hamma Seawater Desalination Plant has been awarded a 2016 Impact Award by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the U.S. government's development finance institution.

  6. Bureau Of Reclamation Selects Twenty-One Projects To Receive $2.93M To Study Water Treatment Technologies

    Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Estevan López today announced $2.93 million in funding for water treatment technologies research.

  7. Four Students Studying Membrane Technologies Receive The 2016 AMTA-ADC Fellowship Award

    AMTA is pleased to announce that four students have been awarded the ADC Fellowship Awards for 2016. 

  8. Pall Debuts Mobile Water Treatment Portfolio For Complex Water Treatment Challenges

    Pall Corporation, a world leader in filtration, separation and purification technologies, today unveiled its new portfolio of mobile water products designed to meet customer needs across municipal and industrial markets.

  9. LG Chem Awarded Sohar Project

    LG Water Solutions, part of LG Chem and manufacturer of the full line of high-efficiency NanoH2O ™ reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, is proud to announce that it has been chosen by Sohar SWRO Company LLC to supply its high rejection NanoH2O seawater RO membranes to the Sohar desalination plant in Oman.

  10. 3D Patterned Membranes May Allow Rapid Advances In Membrane Technology

    A new type of 3D printing will make it possible for the first time to rapidly prototype and test polymer membranes that are patterned for improved performance, according to Penn State researchers.