Consumer Outreach

  1. Louisiana Town Deals With 'Vomit' Tap Water

    Residents of a small town in Louisiana are horrified by what’s coming out of their faucets.

  2. Flint, The Sequel? High Lead Levels Plague Ohio Village

    Flint was thrust into the national news this year over a lead contamination crisis that is taking a toll on public health. But the Michigan city is not alone.

  3. Consumer Complaints Soar As Santa Fe Installs Smart Meters

    Santa Fe is hitting speed bumps as it begins to rely on new smart meters.

  4. After Dysfunctional Meter Mess, Chicago Suburb Makes Proposal

    A Chicago suburb struggling with inaccurate smart meters is trying to move ahead and fix the problem.

  5. Campaign Urges Latino Families To Trust Tap Water

    A new campaign is working to encourage Latino families in the U.S. to embrace the benefits of tap water.

  6. PFOA Scare In New York Spurs Federal Involvement

    A toxic chemical is plaguing a town in New York and now the feds are getting involved.

  7. In Detroit, Residents Go Years Without Tap Water

    Detroit drew heated criticism last year when it shut off service for thousands of delinquent water customers.

  8. ‘Drought Shamed’ Californian Blames Utility For 13,000-Gallon Leak

    Various water providers in California have considered releasing the names of heavy users as a way to shame customers into conserving more water.

  9. U.K. Breaks Record For Delinquent Water Bills At Over $3 Billion

    U.K. households have broken their own record for delinquent water bills. They owe more than £2.1 billion, or about $3.16 billion.

  10. Public Radio Puts Spotlight On Tireless Water Pros

    Water and wastewater professionals don’t always get much credit for the pivotal role they play in keeping society running.