Consumer Outreach

  1. Los Angeles May Make ‘Droughtshaming’ Official Policy

    Los Angeles is considering a new policy that would threaten water wasters with the possibility of public shame.

  2. How Utilities Reconcile Conservation With Lost Revenue

    The unfortunate fact about water conservation for utilities is that while it’s good for the planet, it’s also a direct assault on revenue.

  3. Erin Brockovich, Water Utility At Odds Over Disinfection Byproducts

    The world-renowned environmental activist Erin Brockovich recently called out a water utility in the city of Tyler, TX, for what she saw as a failing to level with the public on a potential threat in the drinking water.

  4. Private Utility May Charge Island Ratepayers $5,000 Each

    Residents of a small barrier island in Florida may have to dish out nearly $5,000 a piece to improve the quality of their drinking water.

  5. Los Angeles Ratepayers Rewarded For Conservation With Higher Bills

    Los Angeles ratepayers did a good job conserving water amid the California drought, but they will be rewarded with what may feel like a punishment: higher bills.

  6. Utility Takes Action To Prevent Bears From Eating Visitors

    Denver Water has decided to changes some of its normal policies because, strangely enough, it is afraid locals will be eaten by bears.

  7. Value-Of-Water Campaign Imagines Waterless World

    Can you imagine a day without water?

  8. Phone Wait Times Found The Leading Source Of Customer Ire

    Complaints from ratepayers can be wide-ranging, random, and sometimes unreasonable, but there is one thing that tends to aggravate them across the board: long wait times on the phone.

  9. Irish Water Makes Metering Case With First Fix

    Irish Water has introduced a new water-saving policy that its executives claim is worth 18 million liters per day.

  10. The $100,000 Question: How Should Utilities Use Social Media?

    What does effective social media outreach look like for a water utility? The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is asking that question, and it’s putting its money where its mouth is to find out.