AMR, AMI and Metering Podcasts

  1. Smart Water Management Enabled By LoRaWAN Networks

    The LoRa Alliance is a non-profit association of members who are collaborating together to drive the adoption of a communication protocol that offers  long range, long battery life and open architecture. For water utilities specifically, the LoRa wide area network (WAN) would allow devices from multiple manufacturers to be able to communicate with each other across long distances.

  2. Beyond AMI: The Power Of Analytics In Water Distribution Systems

    With ever more sophisticated metering systems and software, utilities are racing to gain data-driven insights about their network beyond the traditional consumption metrics for billing purposes. As Christine Scorza, Senior Director of Product Management Software for Aclara explains in this Water Online interview, revenue assurance, leak detection, and even meter right-sizing have all become possible beyond billing with the advancement of sensors, big data storage and analytics in the water industry.

  3. Metering Evolves To Meet Water Resource Conditions Of 21st Century

    Aclara Technologies has been on a tear over the past 12 months. Acquiring General Electric’s meter business and the installation business Smart Grid Solutions. Rebranding the business and digging deeper into its customers’ needs to create metering solutions for the long run.

  4. Water Meter Accelerometer Captures Water Thieves In The Act

    Historically, a mechanical water meter has lost accuracy over its life time as parts wear and its mechanics deteriorate. However, the new Sonata meter from Master Meter is a non-moving parts product utilizing ultrasonic flow measurement sensor technology to help reduce inaccurate water measurement.

  5. Water Service Shut Offs Without The Confrontation

    Turning off water service for non-payment is one of the hardest parts of the job for utility workers. It can also be dangerous as agitated consumers can become verbally and sometimes physically abusive seeing their water service shut off. A new remotely-controlled meter helps remove workers from the chance of physical confrontation.

  6. More Education For The End Consumer

    AMI solutions play an important role in the drought in the U.S. today. It gives the utilities the ability to collect very granular data about the consumption, as well as things that are going on in the distribution network. Joe Ball, Director of Solutions Marketing for Water with Itron, sat down with Water Online Radio to tell us more.

  7. Water Consumption Data Driving Major Change in Water Consumer Behavior

    Getting consumers to buy in to the value of water has always been tricky. Many people have been hearing messages about saving water for years but to little effect.

  8. Advanced Metering Poised To Become Utilities’ New Best Friend

    Utility workers will remember a time when meter reading meant driving to a customer’s house, walking up to their meter and manually recording water use. Those days were replaced with the now standard use of walk- and drive-by meter readers. That standard, like its predecessor, is poised to be supplanted by the next wave in metering technology.

  9. The Internet Of Things Meets The Water Industry

    The cost and complexity of moving data from one device to another within the wired or wireless world of water is about to change.

  10. How To Raise Your Water System’s IQ

    Water Online Radio’s Kelly Riggs asked a simple but important question to Paul Gifford, director of R&D with Mueller Company. His query, to paraphrase, was “What is intelligent water technology?”