AMR, AMI and Metering Podcasts

  1. Smart Infrastructure Provides Better Data For Water Utilities

    Smart infrastructure is the latest evolution in metering infrastructure. Todd Stoker, Director of Product Management for Aclara, a smart infrastructure AMI company that serves water, gas and electric utilities recently sat down with Water Online to discuss this movement.

  2. Partnership For Smart Water Solutions

    Water Online Radio sat down with Silver Springs Networks and Master Meter to discuss the companies’ partnership to incorporate Master Meter’s proven advanced water metering products with Silver Spring’s existing multi-application network, creating a comprehensive solution that allows utilities to easily track and bill their customers through a single reliable, secure network.

  3. 3 Keys To Solving The World’s Water Issues, Found In Milwaukee

    Milwaukee used to be touted as the “beer capital of the world,” but now the city is spreading its influence in a more noble way — as a world-leading hub of water technology.

  4. Technical Experts Key To The Future Of Water

    Water is a complex, challenging field— a fact that should be better promoted if the industry wants to move forward, says Rich Lowrie, the water and wastewater industry manager with Krohne.

  5. Next-Level Meter Reading And Customer Service

    As data collection becomes more popular, management of that data — what information is actionable, and what actions should be taken — becomes an important consideration. DataZeo is dedicated to refining meter reading, field operations, and customer communication.

  6. Water Preservation And Conservation Aided By Intelligent Software

    According to Ian MacLeod, water preservation and water conservation are all about accountability. Consumers being held accountable to conserve. And utilities are recognizing the need to effectively preserve the water they treat.

  7. Intelligent Metering Paves Way For Water Efficiency

    When it comes to metering, simple is best. Meters that have no moving parts are more accurate in low flow applications, explains Torsten Hagele of Diehl Metering in an interview with Water Online Radio.

  8. Cellular-Based Technology Offers AMI Without The Investment

    The processes of moving to an (AMI) automated metering infrastructure system can be daunting. But with cellular-based meter-reading everything is already in place for an AMI network.

  9. Don’t Wait: Detect Leaks In Real Time

    We are a society with little patience. We want what we want when we want it, and not a moment later. That same mentality should be applied to water distribution networks, believes Matt Thomas, vice president of business development with Mueller Systems.

  10. Meter Reading With 5-Minute Interval, Fraction-Of-A-Gallon Resolution Data Logging

    What if your water meters contained a cellphone modem instead of an RF chip? And what if Verizon Wireless provided the wireless infrastructure for your meter reading operation? These are some of the questions Transparent Technologies Inc. (T2) grappled with in the early days of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) development.