1. Village Of Gresham Reaps Big Benefits With Sensus Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solution

    For technicians in the Village of Gresham, Wisconsin, heading out to manually retrieve data from more than 1,000 installed water and electricity meters was arduous and time-consuming.

  2. Sensus Integrates PTC’s ThingWorx Platform To Deliver Internet Of Things Innovation For Sensus FlexNet Communication Network Customers

    The Internet of Things (IoT) holds incredible promise for municipalities and utilities. These organizations now look to smart applications and services to make cities, communities and campuses more connected, livable, economically competitive and sustainable. The collaboration with PTC will enable Sensus, a Xylem brand, to help make that promise a reality.

  3. Youngstown Water Department Seizes Opportunity With Technology From Sensus

    The winds of change blow strongly through Central Square in Youngstown, Ohio, and with those changes come opportunity. As the city revitalizes its neighborhoods and welcomes new businesses and residents, perhaps no one feels this opportunity more than the Youngstown Water Department.

  4. Mueller Water Products Names J. Scott Hall As President And CEO; Gregory E. Hyland To Become Executive Chairman

    Mueller Water Products, Inc. (NYSE:MWA) today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed J. Scott Hall as its next president and chief executive officer, effective January 23, 2017.

  5. Mistaken Meter Reads Lead To $800,000 Lawsuit

    Water consumption is at the center of a giant lawsuit in California.

  6. Smart Water Meter Data Considered Evidence In Murder Case

    Smart water meter data was used as evidence in a recent murder investigation in Arkansas, and the case has privacy advocates sounding alarm bells.

  7. Baltimore Residents Hit With $81K, $35K Water Bills

    After Baltimore made changes to its water billing system, some homeowners got hit with very troubling bills.

  8. Bolton Point Discovers A Pool-Sized Water Leak With Sensus Technology

    It took only a few days for Bolton Point Water System to see the results of their new Sensus smart water technology. As data started flooding in, they noticed that one home went from using no water to running 100 gallons per hour over the course of three days.

  9. Water Utilities 'On Sidelines' Of Smart City Planning

    Collaborations between industry and municipalities to bring more smart infrastructure to American cities are sometimes missing an important voice: water utilities.

  10. Metering Trends For 2017 Focus On Cellular Technology, Managed Solutions, Software As A Service And The Importance Of Accurate And Reliable Meters

    Badger Meter, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of flow measurement, control and communications solutions, today shared four key trends predicted to shape the water utility industry in 2017.