Transcend helps equipment suppliers and engineers streamline their proposal and preliminary design processes to win more projects, increase margins, and keep overhead costs low.

Transcend uses a cloud based platform, the Transcend Design Generator (TDG), to automate engineering grade designs and documents and deliver high quality proposals in a fraction of the time and cost.

TDG has been used to design over 7,000 WWTP's and their associated equipment - including Activated Sludge, MBR, MBBR, and MBBR-IFAS.

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Transcend Design Generator (“TDG”) is a web-based, water treatment design engineering platform that enables users to rapidly generate preliminary engineering designs & proposals for CAS facilities as well as MBR, MBBR, and others.



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  • Biological wastewater treatment exists because microorganisms have been developing for millions of years to be able to utilize contaminants from water. The first wastewater treatment plants were built around this feature of nature more than 100 years ago. These tiny creatures are still evolving from generation to generation to adapt better to their environment and as a result, get us clean water.

  • CPQ stands for configure, price, quote. Many water and wastewater treatment companies that sell products and engineered systems use CPQ tools to help streamline their inquiry to order (ITO) and manufacturing to order (MTO) processes. Engineering teams, and in some cases sales teams, utilize CPQ tools to help them select the right configuration of products for specific customer needs, and the tool then compiles that information into a basic proposal or set of technical documents, often with a price attached.

  • The old adage about genius being 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration originated in the late 19th century, but in today’s world of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) design, engineers are still haunted by onerous design processes and iterations. All that could soon change thanks to a design generator software that automates much of the ‘perspiration’ in favor of leaving more time for ‘inspiration.’ Here’s how it works.

  • Managing a constantly evolving, unique, and complex product like the Transcend Design Generator is always a challenge, but we cannot forget that usability and user experience always comes first.

  • Having worked in the water industry for over 18 years I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard how complex it is to propose & design projects for water and wastewater treatment. Every year governments, municipalities, and industries around the world have more stringent treatment requirements and the need for clean water becomes more and more of a necessity.

  • The coding process has a lot of parts we tend to forget, like documentation, testing, or even the most administrative parts, the worklog. But if you look at coding from a different perspective, you can make your coding process, but in reality, any type of work process much more in line.

  • The population on Earth is rapidly growing and the demand for clean water grows with it. According to a U.N. report, global water demand is expected to grow by 50 percent by 2030. This puts pressure on both nature and on the water industry to quickly adapt. The importance of advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources is more important than ever.

  • Uber. Airbnb. Pinterest. Snapchat. Slack. Square. Stripe… it feels like we’re bombarded by news of a newly minted ‘unicorn’ almost every single day.

    And it's frustrating as hell.

  • Depending on your project status and needs, the Transcend Design Generator (TDG) provides you with multiple customization options. A new design can be created with as few as 15 basic inputs. Then you are free to specify more advanced input parameters.

  • Have you ever wondered how CAS, MBR and MBBR designs compare?

  • The Transcend Design Generator (TDG) allows users to generate high-quality engineering designs of wastewater treatment plants with the push of a button. This infographic takes a peek under the hood at how this incredibly powerful tool works from data validation of your inputs to the generation of fully-rendered documentation and plans. Experience the magic of how the TDG is empowering wastewater engineers worldwide through the application of artificial intelligence.

  • Transcend automates the process of water facility designs via a cloud-based SaaS platform. They recently announced the completion of a $3 million Series A funding round.

  • Can a machine — a computer or a set of computers — design intricate infrastructure by itself?

  • It wasn’t long ago that humans designed products and systems using pen and paper. Drawings were done manually, with large teams of people completing drafts on big desks in giant rooms:

  • Design Generator (“DG”) is a web-based, online water facility design engineering platform that enables engineering professionals to rapidly generate preliminary engineering designs for CAS facilities as well as MBR, MBBR, and others. The tool has been developed by leading industry professionals and software development experts to create an easy-to-use, sophisticated wastewater-engineering application.

  • Since the invention of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), we have seen software rapidly taking over a wide variety of day-to-day tasks that were previously performed manually. At the same time, engineering and construction firms and end users expect an ever-increasing number of preliminary design iterations for complex projects. And they expect them right away, not in weeks or months as it took in the past. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making it exponentially easier to find errors and produce higher quality outputs in less time. We believe the water industry must adapt to these evolving trends or it will be left behind.

  • This international EPC firm has an annual revenue of over 3 billion USD and 11,000 employees at offices around the United States and globe. They have projects in over 100 countries and continuously release expert reports on the state of the water industry. 

  • Murry & Roberts is a multinational project life cycle group based in South Africa that has been optimizing client's fixed capital investment for more than a century. They have utilized the design generator for the past 2 years to accelerate their entry to market.

  • Organica Water is a global provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater. They currently have 100+ installations of their innovative 'garden-like' WWTP's around the world. They were the first end users of the Transcend Design Generator and continue to use the software as a way to keep cost low and bid on an ever-increasing number of projects.