Transcend Design Generator

Source: Transcend Water
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Transcend Design Generator (“TDG”) is a web-based, water treatment design engineering platform that enables users to rapidly generate preliminary engineering designs & proposals for CAS facilities as well as MBR, MBBR, and others.

The tool has been developed by leading industry professionals and software development experts to create an easy-to-use, sophisticated wastewater engineering application.

During the design generation process, DG starts by leveraging proprietary databases and validation algorithms to check the input data for quality and consistency (garbage in – garbage out). Once the data is validated, it leverages hundreds of thousands of decision-trees developed by leading wastewater engineers, as well as a 365 day simulation in top of the line wastewater simulation software. This expertise helps to select the proper process unit and choose each piece of equipment for the facility. From there, DG constructs a 3D Building Information Model (BIM) which can be used for final detailed engineering. The final output is a wide spectrum of engineering documents including:


  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Technical Description
  • Design Basis Document


  • P&ID w/ piping, valves and instrumentation
  • Mechanical Equipment BOQ
  • Instrumentation BOQ
  • OPEX Calculation
  • Electrical Load List


  • Site Plan Drawing
  • Floor-plan Drawings
  • Sections Drawings
  • Room Schedules
  • Civil BOQ

To learn more about the Design Generator or to try it for free, please visit Transcend Water.