Swan Analytical USA Inc. is a leading manufacturer of, and field service provider for, online analytical instruments for measuring turbidity, free chlorine, total chlorine, chloramines, bromine, ozone, pH/REDOX, dissolved oxygen, phosphate, fluoride, ammonium, nitrate, and conductivity/TDS in drinking water production.

Based in Wheeling Illinois, and with field sales offices throughout the US, Swan is the US subsidiary of Swan Analytical Instruments AG in Switzerland. For more than 30 years Swan has been a technology leader in online analytical instrumentation that is not only of the highest quality, precision and reliability, but also having the lowest long term cost of ownership due to the low or no maintenance needs of the instrumentation. The Swan group of companies employ many of the world’s recognized expert chemists, engineers and technicians in the field of on-line water quality analyzers for drinking water, electrical power generation, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food and beverage applications. As a privately held company, Swan continues to be able to take the long view when it comes to product development and support, customer relationships, and employee development.


Swan Analytical USA

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Wheeling, IL 60090


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