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Instantly Intuitive SCADA Software

Our instantly intuitive SCADA software removes frustration from every stage of the HMI / SCADA software lifecycle; from pricing and licensing, to development and support. VTScada is perfect for plant, telemetry, or hosted systems of any size. Its unique architecture integrates all core SCADA components into one easy-to-use package. Intuitive tools and training options combined with the most reliable support in the industry allow you to confidently start creating fully-featured applications immediately. Over 30 years of dedication, one outstanding product.

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A History of Original Thinking - For 30 years, we have been reinventing SCADA, one feature at a time. Integrated components like Application Version Control, Real-time Configuration, and System-wide Redundancy remain unique.

For Plant or Telemetry Systems of Any Size - Designed for applications monitoring hundreds to millions of I/O on a single server, VTScada’s speed, stability, scalability, and support have made it a trusted SCADA alternative for over 30 years.

Non-proprietary SCADA - Its hardware independence and open connectivity support all major PLCs or RTUs and provide an advancement over polling with Master PLCs.

Integrated is better - A single file installs all components while VTScada’s unique server architecture offers no-compromise load-balancing & hot-backup failover using fewer computers. Integrated real-time application version control permits auditing and instant on-line recovery from unexpected effects of user configuration.

ISA 18.2 Alarm Management Standard - The ISA 18.2 Alarm Management Standard outlines best practices to help your SCADA team develop an effective and sustainable alarms management strategy. VTScada 11.2 includes new and augmented tools to help you easily put that strategy into motion.

Securely access you process from anywhere - VTScada has always been a leader in thin client technology with options to best suit the screen size and bandwidth of your devices. The new ‘Anywhere Client’ provides a consistent and secure full workstation experience on modern computers, phones, and tablets.

Start small, think big - This integrated architecture allows you to easily expand your system from a simple OEM machine interface or standalone workstations to a large, distributed client/server system.

Be productive in an hour - The enhanced installation wizard guides you through the process of installing all core components, creating an application, adding graphics, and connecting to I/O.

Create your SCADA masterpiece - The new VTScada Design Studio puts the tools you need right where you would expect to find them. Easily select, align and space any combination of elements. Draw or edit striking 3D pipes with just a few clicks.

Draw with data - New graphic ‘widgets’ make it a snap to represent your system values as photo-real meters, switches, buttons, and animations. Choose from even more pre-built high-impact display pages in seconds.

Draw first; add tags later, or vice versa - Develop applications the way you want. If you like to lay out graphics first, you can do that. If you prefer to start by creating all your tags, you can do that too.

More images and symbols - The expanded built-in graphics library makes it easier than ever to search, sort, or browse to the image you need. You can even drag images right onto your displays from your desktop or documents. A new selection of background templates help to give your applications a consistent and professional look and feel.

Roll out applications with a click - Rolling out new or updated applications has never been simpler. Simply double-click a VTScada ChangeSet file to install and start the application.

Get the most from your tag count - VTScada is licensed by the number of tags used. Only I/O tags are included in this tag count. Now, include an unlimited number of menu items, fonts, alarms and any other configuration tag type.

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