Brochure | August 20, 2015

What Makes VTScada Different?

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Our development team created VTScada software to work differently from other common monitoring and control products. After 27 years of proven installations around the world, we believe that our approach is fundamentally better for mission critical systems. Below are some of the obvious and not so obvious ways that VTScada stands out.

Integrated features reduce integration time and improve reliability
All mission-critical SCADA components built into the core product.

  • Connections to components do not degrade over time
  • Upgrading software version does not require re-integration
  • Unlock optional components with just a license key number
  • Native VTScada Polling Driver replaces expensive master PLC hardware

Communicate with any combination of PLCs, RTUs, or controllers
Other HMIs require OPC® and DDE® drivers from 3rd party suppliers. In addition to supporting these protocols, VTScada includes direct drivers for over 100 industry standard and proprietary devices.

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