Brochure | November 27, 2014

VTScada HMI / SCADA Software New Features

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Enhanced Analytics

Plots and Data Table Widgets
The HDV has a sharp new look. We moved the Pen Legend to the bottom, leaving more room for wide graphs and more information in the legend.

Pass the new Marker Line across the timeline to see moment-by-moment values for all tags. New icons in the Pen Legend allow you to hide individual pens (tags) or edit their appearance.

Easily add highly customized trends or grids of values on custom pages using the new HDV Widget.

One-Click Navigation Between Values and Analytics
Authorized users can select multiple tags in the VTScada Tag Browser and then right-click to plot their values in the HDV. They can also jump right to any page that references a selected tag.

More Streamlined Third-Party Reporting
We boosted our ODBC connection speed and made it even easier to share historical data with reporting tools such as XLReporter® and DreamReport® (both of which now include built in interfaces to VTScada).

Ease of Operation

Completely Redesigned Operator Notes
Users can now see HDV notes and Operator Notes in a single blended display. New advanced features allow you to print pages, add comments to existing notes, and search by content, date, and author.

Proximity Cards for VTScada Log On
Log onto VTScada as easily as entering a secured building.

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