pipeCAST - Sewer System Software

Source: Trinnex

Designed by water experts for water experts, pipeCAST gives you unprecedented insight into the performance of your collection system. Want to achieve near-psychic powers to prevent floods and overflows? It takes less than an hour to find out how this digital twin makes it possible.

Future-Proof Your Infrastructure

Catching problems before they become crises

pipeCAST knows when what’s actually happening in your collection system doesn’t match your hydraulic model—often the first sign of a developing crisis. By alerting you to potential problems, pipeCAST helps you anticipate and react before overflows, blockages or backups become nightmares.

Build on the systems you already have

You’ve invested in GIS, SCADA, CMMS, models, sensors…but do you feel like they’ve given you superpowers? With pipeCAST, they will. The software brings these systems together to produce insights from a blizzard of disconnected data. Everything you need to know is easy to find in user-friendly dashboards.

Foolproof technology

pipeCAST is easy to use, but it’s built on decades of experience in supporting water systems, combined with cutting-edge technology to make it all run smoothly. And, our team provides on-call support anytime a question or challenge arises.

See how pipeCAST works

Take 2-minutes to watch how pipeCAST can help you respond to collection system challenges and proactively manage your utility for a more predictable tomorrow.

Features & Functionality