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The world's water community will gather in Chicago at McCormick Place from June 20 to 22, to take part in AWWA's Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE16) — a forum to explore the future of safe water, gain insight into cutting-edge research and best practices, and experience the latest products and services available to the water community. The ACE16 Exposition will feature more than 500 exhibitors, including Water Online at Booth 431, where attendees can register to win a quadcopter drone. Stop by to sign up and receive a free copy of Water Innovations magazine.

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10 Technologies And Breakthroughs From ACE16
10 Technologies And Breakthroughs From ACE16

This year's Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE16), held by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) from June 19 to 22, was the first following the tragedy of Flint — a time when the drinking water industry is under intense scrutiny.

The Cure For Membrane Biofouling The Cure For Membrane Biofouling

After reviewing multiple methods, engineers and operators at a Pennsylvania water reclamation facility discover a winning pretreatment formula for reverse osmosis biofouling control.

Protecting Against Doomsday Contaminants Protecting Against Doomsday Contaminants

New tools are being developed for worst-case drinking water scenarios: chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN)-related contamination.


Aclara (Booth 2100)

Aclara Smart Infrastructure Solutions enable utilities to collect data via meters and remote sensors located throughout their networks, interpreting information to optimize performance, mitigate potential problems, and improve economic and environmental factors.  Smart infrastructure solutions take advantage of existing fixed-network infrastructure, improving ROI and operational efficiencies. At ACE16, Aclara will demonstrate how smart infrastructure solutions such as acoustic leak detection, pressure monitoring, and data analytics can quickly and reliably sense and pinpoint distribution network issues.

Myron L Company (Booth 2024)

The Myron L® Company manufactures water quality instrumentation that can help you conserve chemicals, water, and energy; control product quality; and manage wastes. Our handheld meters and in-line monitor/controllers measure, monitor, and control critical process parameters and quality indicators. Bluetooth® wireless data transfer available on some models.

AdEdge (Booth 678)

AdEdge Water Technologies specializes in the development and supply of innovative technologies, specialty medias, membranes, and integrated systems that remove contaminants from process or aqueous streams. AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of organics and inorganics from water and has sold hundreds of systems throughout the world.

Mueller Co. (Booth 1401) 

Mueller® offers a complete selection of drilling and tapping machines, including the industry standard B-101, for installing water services and extending mains on virtually every type and size of pipe. Air, electric and hydraulic powered operators are also available, as well as accessories such as cutting grease, shell cutters, pilot drills, center hubs, and adaptors. For more information or for a hands-on demonstration, stop by Mueller Water Products Booth #1401 or visit


Correlated, Acoustic Leak Detection System: Aclara STAR® ZoneScan Correlated, Acoustic Leak Detection System: Aclara STAR® ZoneScan

Non-revenue water loss due to underground leaks is a major headache for utilities — and losses often worsen as the infrastructure ages. What’s more, leaks often erupt into major infrastructure failures. Aclara STAR ZoneScan is the industry’s only remotely correlated acoustic leak-detection solution that uses time-synchronized sound recordings to identify leak locations on the main. The sound recordings are made by underground equipment in the field and later correlated at the utility, pinpointing leaks before they become expensive emergencies. The solution’s hands-off operation as well as automated data collection and analysis saves money, time, and resources.

biottta® Biotreatment Packaged Plants biottta® Biotreatment Packaged Plants

Groundwater is the primary water source for most communities in North America. biottta® leverages nature to offer an affordable and sustainable solution for wellhead treatment of inorganic and organic contaminants.

Remote Pressure Monitoring System Remote Pressure Monitoring System

Several years ago, Mueller began a journey to develop a user friendly and cost-effective technology to continuously and remotely monitor pressure at any point within a potable water distribution system. The technology involves threading a sensor onto a corporation valve to transmit pressure readings. The pressure sensor, typically installed two (2) per District Metering Area (DMA), reports at user-defined intervals via cellular service and a Mueller-hosted secure web server. Beginning with pressure monitoring, Mueller has created a communications backbone that utilities can integrate into its monitoring systems or use as a stand-alone monitoring platform. This technology is currently available in North America.

ULTRAPEN™ PT4 Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE ™) & Temperature Pen ULTRAPEN™ PT4 Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE ™) & Temperature Pen

ULTRAPEN™ PT4 is Myron L Company’s ground-breaking new pocket tester for measuring free chlorine disinfecting power, free chlorine equivalent (FCE), and temperature. It is waterproof and designed for accuracy and simplicity for use in diverse water quality applications.

Listen to Water Online Radio host Todd Schnick discuss the biggest challenges facing the world of water with leading industry experts.


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