Putting Digital Instrumentation To Multipurpose Use
Instruments that deliver only one measurement point are achieving just a fraction of their potential, according to Ryan Williams. That is why smart technology is the essence of this Water Talk discussion with him and his Endress+Hauser associate Alan Vance. It explores how digitalization can elevate the role of instrumentation systems or independent flow, level, pressure, and temperature sensors to make utility managers and maintenance crews...  Continue Reading..
Filling The Technical Skills Gap
As the water and wastewater workforce ages, and fewer technically skilled people enter the industry, municipalities and other large operators with water needs are finding themselves in a bind.  Continue Reading..
Making Sense Of Data For Better Asset Management
With aging infrastructure and poor visibility into their distribution networks, water systems across the country increasingly find themselves behind the curve. Having better insight to make more informed decisions about their assets would be a significant benefit for the municipalities that oversee these systems.  Continue Reading..
The Shifting State Of CWA Regulations
While the Clean Water Act (CWA) is a federal regulation, the job of enforcing its standards has been kicked to the state level, where results can be mixed. Bluefield Research recently analyzed the trend and its impact, presenting its findings in a recent Water Online webinar. It was also a topic of discussion at WEFTEC 2019, where Bluefield's president, Reese Tisdale, sat down with Water Talk. In the interview, Tisdale addressed the...  Continue Reading..
Fostering Innovation In Headworks
Some of the more complex wastewater screens — the initial step to removing objects from the incoming stream — are designed around the idea of generating residual business, so they require regular maintenance. That’s what prompted Duperon to invent the FlexRake, which has no lower sprockets, bearings, or tracks to foul or jam.  Continue Reading..
The Skyrocketing Importance Of The Digital Twin
An increase in extreme weather events combined with stricter regulatory requirements is making it more difficult than ever for municipalities to keep pace at their wastewater operations. As a result, asset management has been thrust into the spotlight.  Continue Reading..
A Modern Approach To Sewer Overflows
As storm activity continues to grow, utilities are under increasing pressure to mitigate sewer overflows. Building enough storage to handle the excess runoff until it can be treated is no longer practical — in most places, it’s not even feasible to create a large enough space — and the issue will only get worse as storms continue to intensify. Meanwhile, most settling technologies that address overflows require chemicals and a...  Continue Reading..
Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Capital Projects
When it comes to big projects, often part of a municipality's capital improvement plan (CIP), it's the planning part that is too often overlooked, or simply not well executed. This causes a number of problems during implementation — problems that can increase risk, waste time and money, and degrade project outcomes. In this Water Talk interview, James Strayer of Black & Veatch describes the typical problems capital programs...  Continue Reading..
Plastic Piping Systems Adapting To Water Industry Needs
There’s a big difference between pipe and a true piping system, according to Brian LaBelle of GF Piping Systems. His insights from this Water Talk interview captured at ACE19 in Denver highlight the advantages of ever-advancing plastic piping capabilities that are helping the water industry engineer and fabricate resilient alternatives to aging infrastructure by using customized polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVDF piping systems.  Continue Reading..
Leveraging Water Data: The Future Is Here!
Technology is on pace to reach a milestone of 26 billion devices connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) by the end of 2019. In the water industry, IoT capabilities are enabling utilities to leverage meter reading data collected via secure private cellular networks to satisfy multiple purposes — increasing its value exponentially. In this Water Talk interview, Kristie Anderson from Badger Meter discusses how advances in smart...  Continue Reading..