WIP Editorial

  1. Flint Failings And Our Crumbling Water Infrastructure

    Like the weather, everybody complains about the nation’s withering water pipes and their trillion-dollar price tag, but nobody does anything about it.  Consider a simple, inexpensive step to embarrass recalcitrant communities to open their check books, so we don’t have to pay for their neglect.

  2. Will Infrastructure Investment Really Happen? And, If So — When, How, And Where?

    In the months leading up to the presidential election, Donald Trump announced that, if elected, he would incentivize $1 trillion into the nation’s ailing infrastructure. Citizens, taxpayers, public officials, and contractors have been waiting to see if that would really happen or not.  President Trump recently announced that he had selected private-sector P3 expert David James "DJ" Gribbin to serve as his special assistant for infrastructure.

  3. Math Solutions: Certification Examination Prep Calculations

    While it is natural to be worried about the unknown, being apprehensive can lead to less achievement. Conversely, knowing what to expect more likely leads to relaxation and accomplishment — and can ultimately help you pass the exam.

  4. An Open Letter To Michelle Obama On Water

    Now that you have returned to the role of private citizen — though, admittedly you are a private citizen with millions of eyes focused on you — I want to encourage you to continue your great work promoting the health of our nation’s children. Your emphasis on exercise and nutrition, jobs and support for veterans, and education have touched millions of Americans of all ages and all backgrounds. Now it’s time to bring in the most common denominator and the first step toward good health — access to clean water.

  5. Saving Energy And Doubling Worldwide Water Supplies – One Drip At A Time

    On a warm December day, I stood in a jojoba field in the Negev Desert in southern Israel and watched water slowly seep up from the ground around the trees. First a tiny spot, then spreading, watering the plants from deep below. This highly efficient system is known as drip irrigation, and I was there to meet with the world’s leading drip irrigation company, Israel-based Netafim.

  6. EPA Program Hopes To Infuse $1B Into Water Infrastructure Projects

    Whether it’s a drinking water contamination issue such as the one in Flint, MI, or the need for water retention projects in New Orleans to help reduce neighborhood flooding, communities throughout the U.S. are facing longstanding water infrastructure needs. Yet, few, if any, of those communities have the required funding to undertake those projects. The result is deteriorating water infrastructure problems nationwide…and many of the problems are now at a critical stage.

  7. Lowering Desalination’s Energy Footprint: Lessons From Israel

    There’s an old expression that whisky is for drinking and water is for fighting over. The Legislative Session is upon us again in Texas, and count on water being an issue, as it always is in this drought and flood-prone state.

  8. Why California's Cannabis Industry Will Lead Water Innovation

    For years, I’ve been standing on my deck in San Francisco, looking south to Silicon Valley for innovation in water efficiency. But I’m starting to realize that I might have been gazing in the wrong direction. Maybe I need to turn around and look north, over the spires of the Golden Gate Bridge, toward the Emerald Triangle in Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties, the hotbed of California’s newly legalized commercial cannabis production.

  9. Selecting A Flow Measurement Technology

    What’s the right flow measurement method for your operation? A leading independent lab breaks down the options and considerations.

  10. A Small Utility’s Path To Climate Change Readiness

    From the lessons of Superstorm Sandy, a road map to resiliency for small, at-risk utilities emerges.