WIP Editorial

  1. Got Water-Related Services And Solutions? WIIN Funding Will Initiate Hundreds Of Contracting Opportunities

    Companies in water-related industries will soon be inundated with prospects for government contracting opportunities as a result of passage of the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN). 

  2. Cheers To World Soil Day

    Let’s lift a glass — of water — to celebrate World Soil Day, created by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to recognize the thin mantle that sustains us. Of course, as a water guy, I look at World Soil Day as a time to highlight the symbiosis of soil and water. As anybody who has been to the barren deserts of China, North Africa or the Middle East knows, soil without water doesn’t produce anything.

  3. Integrating Innovative Technology Into The Public Water Sector: A Need For Equilibrium

    If we are to realize the promise of innovation, implementation cannot be a risky proposition for water managers.

  4. Math Solutions: Hydraulic Loading Calculations

    This tool for operators, represented through video tutorials, offers mathematical templates to master the hydraulic loading gallons per day per square foot by evaluating the incoming flow and surface area.

  5. Why Water Utilities Need An Energy Plan — And How Texas Is Making Progress

    When you prepare the Thanksgiving meal, do you ask each person to make a dish of their choosing, with no coordination for an overall cohesive meal? Probably not. Most likely, you plan, because you want everything to fit together.

  6. The Top 5 Features Of The OSHA Website That Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

    The OSHA.gov website is one of the most powerful resource sites for the safety professional and business owner. I've used this site repeatedly to research, gain training material, and uncover regulatory agenda for years to come. Unfortunately, there are many people that are unaware of the wealth of information buried on this site. This blog post will uncover the top five features on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website that will save you thousands of dollars.

  7. Is There Finally Hope For Infrastructure Relief?

    No matter what happens at the polls on Tuesday, both presidential candidates have made public pledges to address the country’s infrastructure problems. That’s extremely good news for both cities and states, because it appears that the next president will champion infrastructure reform. Long overdue infrastructure needs such as water, energy, and road and bridge projects have been postponed as federal funding has steadily declined. That could soon change.

  8. Math Solutions: Alkalinity Calculations

    We know the importance of pH to biological wastewater treatment, but alkalinity should be considered equally important for its direct correlation to pH.

  9. Home Is Where The Smart Is: First-Of-Its-Kind Study Reveals Importance Of Smart Technology And Low-Water Clean Energy

    Have you ever thought about how much water your dryer needs to dry your clothes? (And no, I don’t mean your washing machine.)

  10. Water And The Art Of War: Is China Gaining A Stranglehold On The World Water Supply?

    In the upcoming U.S. presidential election, China has emerged again and again as both threat and ally. With all the talk about trade, economic balance, and military concerns surrounding China, this is a timely opportunity to dive into a little-discussed aspect of Chinese global power plays: water.