Water Membranes White Papers and Case Studies

  1. NE Alabama Water District Case Study
    Northeast Alabama Water District (NEAW) services 15,200 connections within 2,052 square miles, resulting in a very large distribution area.
  2. Application Of Ultrafiltration To Heavy Metals Treatment
    Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes provide an efficient, compact way to treat industrial wastewater to make it pure enough for discharge or recycling. Machining processes produce large volumes of sludge containing heavy metals.
  3. Metaldyne Case Study: Extremely Difficult Oily Wastewater
    Metaldyne’s Twinsburg, Ohio aluminum die casting plant is a world leader in the production of aluminum valve body castings. To facilitate their process, Metaldyne developed a die casting method that uses a specially-formulated die lubricant, an oil and water emulsion that helps control the temperature of the die as well as the removal of the complex castings during the part ejection process.
  4. Application: PURON® MBR Effectively Removes Phosphorous
    Controlling phosphorous discharge is a key factor in preserving surface water quality. Today, new legislation and regulations strictly limit phosphorous discharge into sensitive waters.
  5. Water Reuse Case Study: Aquapolo Ambiental Wastewater Reuse Project
    The State of São Paulo is the world’s seventh most populous urban area and is considered the economic, financial, and technical hub of Brazil. The region contains nearly one-fourth of the country’s population but less than 2% of Brazil’s water.
  6. Application: Retrofitting An Existing MBR Plant
    Membrane bioreactors (MBRs) with submerged membrane modules are an attractive choice for the next generation of wastewater treatment plants.
  7. MBR Case Study: Santa Paula, California
    The City of Santa Paula, Calif. is home to the first large membrane bioreactor (MBR) installation in North America to use PURON™ membrane filtration modules.
  8. California Casino Utilizes MBR System For Wastewater Reuse

    Quechan Casino Resort, a newly constructed gaming facility located on Native American owned land in Winterhaven, California, began its wastewater treatment operations in January 2009. Early into the project development, it was decided that the Aqua-Aerobic® MBR membrane bioreactor system was the optimum solution due to its small footprint, high-quality effluent and low energy consumption. By Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.