Water Loss and Leak Detection Podcasts

  1. Digital Water Meters Maximize Accuracy, Minimize Loss

    Davidson Water pilot-tested a variety of meters before landing on a digital water meter with no moving parts and the ability to capture low flows to provide reliability and accurate data logging information to its residential customers.

  2. Advanced Metering Analytics Brings Higher Visibility To Water

    Morrice Blackwell, Marketing Manager at Badger Meter, explains how Advanced Metering Analytics enhances understanding of usage data for both water customers and utilities.

  3. Mobile Leak Finder Technology Tested On Transmission Main In New Orleans

    Marc Bracken, General Manager of Echologics Engineering, discusses Echologics’ permanent leak detection and monitoring solution for large transmission mains

  4. Continuous Leak Monitoring Advances Smart Water Intelligence

    Jackie Lemmerhirt, Vice President, Software for Mueller Systems, explains the move to continuous leak monitoring and the necessity of effective leak detection in pipeline rehabilitation.

  5. 30 to 40 Percent Water Loss Is Common

    Steve Bruskiewicz, Municipal Utilities Solution Quality Manager for Johnson Controls, shares some worrisome truths about the industry’s water loss, energy use, pending lead-free implications and long-term asset management needs.

  6. Probing For Pipe Leaks

    Chuck Hansen, CEO of Electro Scan, talks about the unique technology his company uses to detect leaks and control inflow and infiltration. Unlike CCTV, Electro Scan’s probe technique allows customers to not only see water loss, but measure it.

  7. Aclara Zeroes In On Leaks, Wherever They Are

    Dave Steidtmann explains how Aclara’s fixed network AMI solution saves water, saves money, and improves customer service.