Water Instrumentation Videos

  1. Spectrophotometer Answers Instrumentation Requests

    For treatment plant operators, spectrophotometer calibration is an essential part of ensuring accurate water and wastewater analysis. When customers requested a cost-effective system for measuring single-point calibration, Thermo Fischer Scientific responded by launching the Orion AquaMate 8,000 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer. This video demonstrates how the chemistry monitoring solution works.

  2. Chlorine XP Analyzer with Reaction Cell Technology

    The Orion Chlorine XP Water Quality Analyzer from Thermo Fischer Scientific can benefit engineers in both the wastewater and drinking water field. Its unique reaction cell technology enables the user to analyze both free and total chlorine in the same system. Watch this video to learn how the features of this product can cut costs and maintenance time.

  3. Easy-To-Use Benchtop Meters For The Laboratory

    The YSI MultiLab series is ideal for measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity, ISE, and BOD — as stand-alone instruments or as combination meters in the laboratory. Watch this video to see how these meters can provide you with highly accurate measurements through large, easy to read displays; intelligent digital sensors; and data logging capabilities.

  4. Badger Meter Polymer E-Series® vs. Sensus iPerl: Burst Test Comparison Video

    Strength, Durability and Quality Matter: Badger Meter Polymer E-Series Burst Test Comparison. 5/8" x 3/4" Sensus iPerl® .vs 5/8" x 3/4" Badger Meter Polymer E-Series®.

  5. Zero Point Calibration For A Free Chlorine Sensor Video

    The FCL is a complete system for the determination of free chlorine. It includes a 499 ACL-01 chlorine sensor, a pH sensor, cables, analyzer, and a constant head flow controller. This video shows how to zero a Rosemount Chlorine 499ACL Sensor.

  6. Making Better Turbidity Measurements In Ambient Water

    An informative webinar about making accurate turbidity measurements in marine and fresh waters for those using submersible field sensors for water quality sampling and monitoring and those measuring turbidity for storm water, construction run-off, flood events, TMDLs or other water quality concerns.

  7. Wastewater Water Quality Monitoring With The YSI IQ SensorNet

    The IQ SensorNet is a continuous water quality monitoring and control system for wastewater treatment plants. Improve efficiency and save operating costs, pump maintenance and more. Many features are available on the IQ SensorNet.

  8. Introducing EXO, State-Of-The-Art Water Monitoring Platform

    EXO, a state-of-the-art water quality monitoring platform, is designed to address the many challenges of collecting accurate field data in the natural environment. In this video you will learn about the EXO sondes and EXO's innovative features, including: Universal smart sensors; Expansive and high-performance sensor suite; and Extremely ruggedized design for deeper depths and longer deployments.

  9. Making Good pH Measurements

    An informative webinar about making accurate pH measurements in sampling and monitoring applications for those using submersible field sensors for water quality sampling and monitoring and those measuring pH for water quality concerns, including climate change, ocean acidification, acid mine drainage, aquaculture and fisheries, and NPDES compliance.

  10. Loop Calibration Made Easy

    The 56 advanced analyzer supports continuous measurement of analytical inputs from one or two sensors. The modular design allows signal input boards to be field replaced, making configuration changes easy. The high resolution full-color display gives unsurpassed visibility and functionality for analytical instrumentation.