Water Instrumentation Videos

  1. Liquiline CA80 Ammonium Analyzer Overview

    The Liquiline System CA80AM ammonium analyzer is designed for monitoring critical control points in water and resource reclamation facilities. The analyzer and sample preparation system defines a modern approach to process control and regulatory compliance, and will be extended as a platform across a range of measurement parameters.

  2. How It Works: JCS Industries Liquid Vacuum Feeder Video

    The Model 4100 is a patented technology that will feed numerous aqueous chemicals commonly used in municipal and industrial water treatment systems for operations that require high efficiency, control, and safety. President Brian Whitmore offers a tutorial on how it works in this video.

  3. Learn How Mueller® Fire Hydrants Are Made

    Fire Rescue TV produced a video Mueller Co. that provides a rare look inside the company’s fire hydrant plant in Albertville, Alabama.

  4. Kupferle Foundry - #9800i-GENESIS Turbine Powered Automatic Flushing Device With Chlorine Analyzer

    The Eclipse i-Series model #9800i-GENESIS is the newest Intelligent Flushing & Monitoring Station Kupferle offers to maintain safe residual levels and remove DBPs from consumers' water. This permanently installed station incorporates a built-in chlorine analyzer to measure and record disinfectant residual levels based on a programmed sampling schedule.

  5. Dependability Under Pressure - SITRANS P

    Every process, every infrastructure and every environmental condition brings with it specific requirements. That’s why we provide you a complete device family with SITRANS P pressure transmitters featuring a range of performance levels, load capacities and materials.

  6. Fluid Components International: Capabilities Overview

    Knowing the fluid levels and the flow rates at which liquids and gases are traveling through pipes are measurements critical to industry. FCI Instrumentation combines precision sensors with ruggedized electronics designed to provide accurate, highly repeatable flow and level measurement solutions for these industrial process applications.

  7. FCI VeriCal In-Situ Calibration Sensor Installation And VeriCal Procedure Demonstration

    FCI's VeriCal In-Situ calibration verification system gives you the ability to perform periodic field validation and verification of your FCI flow meter's measuring performance without extracting the meter from the pipe or process. This video illustrates the VeriCal procedure and ease of sensor installation.

  8. McCrometer Video Celebrates 60th Anniversary

    McCrometer flow meters are in service worldwide — and even in outer space. From the American farmer to U.S. metropolitan water systems to subsea production systems in the North Sea to rugged industrial plants in Brazil, the Middle East and Asia, McCrometer meters are hard at work setting industry standards for the past 60 years.

  9. Excellence In Flow Calibration

    As a pioneer in flow measurement, Siemens designs their calibration rigs based on decades of experience. They take pride in wet-calibrating every single flow meter according to the highest confidence level. Siemens offers calibration for standard & custody transfer applications, re-calibration, and validation.

  10. SITRANS F M Verificator Service Program

    The SITRANS F M Verificator Service Program gives you the flexibility to obtain a SITRANS F M Verificator for a pre-determined time period  and perform fully automated verification tests on your Siemens electromagnetic flow meter — without the commitment of a full purchase.