Wastewater Regulations and Legislation

  1. EPA’s ‘Wet Weather’ Policies Debated In Court

    A U.S. EPA wastewater policy is sparking debate in the courts and among federal regulators.

  2. New EPA Plan Promises To Serve Low-Income Communities

    In an effort to expand environmental justice to communities of color, the U.S. EPA recently unveiled a four-year plan to tackle lead poisoning, air pollution, and other problems.

  3. Air Force Sent Wastewater Into City Sewers Up To Three Times A Year

    The ongoing issue with firefighting foam in water supplies continues, as Air Force officials announced last month that a base near Colorado Springs sent water laced with the toxic residue into the city’s sewer system as frequently as three times a year.

  4. Septic Company Fined $900K For Dumping Sewage Into Manholes

    For illegally dumping waste into manholes in Fort Wadsworth, NY, and into Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal, A&L Cesspool Service Corporation will have to pay $900,000 in penalties.  

  5. 700-Gallon Bleach Spill Is Latest Woe For Sewage Treatment Plant

    Almost 700 gallons of a hazardous cleaning agent was spilled at the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Facility in New York last week.

  6. EPA Finds Deep Gaps In Tennessee Water Oversight

    The federal government is cracking down on Tennessee for what it sees as shortcomings in how the state enforces the Clean Water Act.

  7. Air Force Spills 150,000 Gallons Of PFCs, Did Not Warn Wastewater Utility

    The U.S. Air Force disclosed last week that it spilled 150,000 gallons of water laced with perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) into the sewage system in Colorado and that it failed to warn a local wastewater utility in time to prepare for the chemical influx.

  8. EPA Probes Wisconsin’s Water Regulation Enforcement

    Last week, federal regulators spent four days in the Madison, WI, headquarters of the state Department of Natural Resources searching through files on state enforcement of water pollution laws.

  9. Colorado Towns Among Latest To Take Legal Action Over PFCs

    Residents living in the Fountain, Security, and Widefield, CO, areas were informed earlier this year that toxic chemicals have been entering their drinking water for decades.

  10. Feds Settle Water Pollution Claims With Dem Candidate’s Firm

    The U.S. EPA has reached a deal with a coal company owned by a Democratic gubernatorial candidate over alleged water pollution violations.