Wastewater Membranes Articles

  1. How To Control Filter Cake And Membrane Surface Fouling

    Who wants cake? Certainly not treatment plant operators who employ microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes, and here’s what they’re doing about it.

  2. 10 Technologies And Breakthroughs From ACE16

    This year's Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE16), held by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) from June 19 to 22, was the first following the tragedy of Flint — a time when the drinking water industry is under intense scrutiny.

  3. The Cure For Membrane Biofouling

    After reviewing multiple methods, engineers and operators at a Pennsylvania water reclamation facility discover a winning pretreatment formula for reverse osmosis biofouling control.

  4. Zero Liquid Discharge Opens Up Opportunity For Forward Osmosis To Make Its Mark

    While many companies and investors have struggled to make sense of an entry point into the massive water industry, seeds are consistently being sown for those that know how to monitor and enter intelligently.

  5. Membrane Fouling And Prevention: What Works And What’s New

    An overview of the current state of pretreatment technology is presented alongside the latest advances and innovative techniques in the pipeline.

  6. Will Zero Liquid Discharge Save Forward Osmosis?

    While increasing patents indicate potential forward osmosis (FO) applications that may generate opportunities for new FO products, a new BlueTech Research Insight Report explores the reasons why FO remains a niche technology.

  7. ED vs. RO: The Benefits Of Electrodialysis For Desalination

    There is no doubt that reverse osmosis (RO) currently reigns among desalination techniques, if your metric is total number of installations. But a new competitor has arisen, at least for particular applications. If you have brackish water in the 2,000 to 15,000 ppm range of total dissolved solids (TDS), you may want to consider electrodialysis (ED) over RO.

  8. The Future Of Energy-Neutral Wastewater Treatment Is Here

    Resource recovery during wastewater treatment is becoming essential. Thanks to new technologies, it’s also achievable.

  9. Nanofiltration: The Up-And-Coming Membrane Process

    The forgotten child of the membrane family has plenty of capabilities and potential. Learn the factors and applications that are increasing the popularity of nanofiltration.

  10. The Do’s And Don’ts Of MBR Pretreatment

    They say a picture's worth a thousand words. If that's true, this image of a fouled membrane bioreactor (MBR) system needs little prelude — it's simply what happens when you don't properly protect your membranes with pretreatment.