Wastewater Measurement Videos

  1. Suggested Install Points For Level, Flow, And Volume Measurement

    Increased public health standards for safe drinking water and stronger environmental regulations for responsible energy management are driving the need for process improvements across the industry. Watch this video to learn where to position level, flow, and volume instrumentation products from Magnetrol, such as the R82 Pulse Burst Radar Transmitter, the Thermatel TA2 Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meter, and the Polaris Electromagnetic Flow Meter to help improve efficiency and safety at your water or wastewater plant.

  2. Cruise Control Monitoring For Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Packaged, real-time control solutions from Hach can improve process efficiency of phosphorus control, nitrification and denitrification control, sludge thickening, and sludge dewatering for wastewater treatment plants. In this video, Katie Craig, Director of WorkFlow Solutions, explains how the real-time controllers make plant operations easier and more reliable. With instrument sensors, RTC modules, and a designated customer support team available to customers, learn how these off-the-shelf systems operate like cruise control to provide optimization through continuous measurement.

  3. Pilot Actuators Offer Remote Management Benefits

    Sometimes water systems are constructed in hard to reach areas that are dangerous for human operators, such as high rise buildings. In this video, Wes Caudle from Singer Valve explains how installing a pilot actuator as a remote management tool for control valves both solves this problem and offers additional benefits.    

  4. Flow Meter Calibration And Accreditation Standards

    Accreditation is an important part of flow meter calibration standards. Watch this video to see Rich Lowrie, Water and Wastewater Industry Manager at KROHNE, discuss global calibration accreditation standards and flow rig accuracy for the industry.

  5. How Do I Calibrate My pH Sensor?

    In this video, learn how to properly perform a two-point calibration on a pH Sensor.

  6. “Smart” Laboratory Instruments Introduced

    In this video, Product Manager Laura St. Pierre explains how the unique features of the new Multilab single, dual, and triple channel instruments measure pH, ORP, conductivity and BOD in any combination. Watch to learn how the Multilab’s “smart” data management features allow for simple uploading of laboratory readings, and its digital sensors eliminate a lengthy set-up procedure.

  7. Electromagnetic Flow Meter Uses “Heartbeart” Technology For Seamless Measurement

    In this video, learn how new “heartbeart” technology from Endress+Hauser can benefit professionals in the water and wastewater industry. The Promag W 400 electromagnetic flow meter implements on-demand verification, monitoring, and continuous diagnostics to provide seamless documentation for regulatory compliances.

  8. Spectrophotometer Answers Instrumentation Requests

    For treatment plant operators, spectrophotometer calibration is an essential part of ensuring accurate water and wastewater analysis. When customers requested a cost-effective system for measuring single-point calibration, Thermo Fischer Scientific responded by launching the Orion AquaMate 8,000 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer. This video demonstrates how the chemistry monitoring solution works.

  9. Chlorine XP Analyzer with Reaction Cell Technology

    The Orion Chlorine XP Water Quality Analyzer from Thermo Fischer Scientific can benefit engineers in both the wastewater and drinking water field. Its unique reaction cell technology enables the user to analyze both free and total chlorine in the same system. Watch this video to learn how the features of this product can cut costs and maintenance time.

  10. Easy-To-Use Benchtop Meters For The Laboratory

    The YSI MultiLab series is ideal for measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity, ISE, and BOD — as stand-alone instruments or as combination meters in the laboratory. Watch this video to see how these meters can provide you with highly accurate measurements through large, easy to read displays; intelligent digital sensors; and data logging capabilities.