Wastewater Management News

  1. EPA Awards Nearly $400k In Wetlands Grants In Wyoming To Bolster Wetland Assessments And The Development Of Water Quality Tools And Data

    EPA has awarded $397,064 in wetlands grant funding to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the University of Wyoming. These projects will help build a robust wetlands program in the state by providing much needed mapping and spatial data. Projects will also demonstrate restoration techniques and support local stakeholders in wetlands management and decision making.

  2. Energy Acuity Adds Water & Gas Utilities Platform To Product Suite

    Energy Acuity, the leading provider of renewable energy market analysis and intelligence, releases Water & Gas platform to focus on the utilities’ technology stack.

  3. Woolpert Completes Pilot Cityworks Implementation For City Of South Bend’s Office Of Sewers

    Woolpert was contracted by the city of South Bend, Ind., to implement the Cityworks Asset Management System (AMS) for the Department of Public Works’ Office of Sewers. This is the first Cityworks implementation for the city.

  4. EPA Awards Over $630k To Utah Agencies To Bolster Wetland Assessments And Water Quality Improvements

    EPA has awarded $631,405 in wetlands grants to the Utah Department of Environment Quality (UDEQ) and the Utah Geological Survey (UGS) to survey, assess and map wetlands in the state of Utah.

  5. EPA Awards Over $575k In Wetlands Grants In Colorado To Bolster Wetland Assessments And The Development Of Water Quality Tools And Data

    EPA has awarded $575,333 in wetlands grants to two programs in Colorado to survey, assess, map and provide technological tools such as smart phone applications

  6. Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation Settles EPA Multi-Site Construction-Related Stormwater Case, Protecting Water Quality In Pennsylvania

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) have agreed to settle a multi-site construction-related stormwater case. The parties are resolving 209 alleged violations at PennDOT-owned construction sites arising from PennDOT’s construction contractors failing to fully implement best management practices (BMPs) as required by the Clean Water Act and Pennsylvania’s Clean Streams Law.

  7. New 1500 m3/h Reactor For Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Will Handle Large Ballast Water Flows With Even Greater Efficiency

    Alfa Laval is introducing a new UV reactor size to the Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 family. Optimized for 50% more flow than the current largest reactor size, the 1500 m3/h version will enable streamlined and cost-effective configurations for tankers and other vessels with large ballast water flows.

  8. Peru’s New Generation Of Water Leaders Reach Across Traditional Government Divides For Natural Infrastructure

    Five years ago, Peru made history when its legislators included a short but groundbreaking paragraph in a new law to modernize the country’s sanitation sector. The new provision said that water utilities should invest in natural infrastructure – natural areas such as forests or grasslands that can purify water, absorb floodwaters, and like a sponge soak up excess precipitation in the rainy season and release it months later during dry months – rather than only in engineered infrastructure, the traditional subject of water utilities’ attention and expertise.

  9. XPV Water Partners Invests In Metasphere Ltd

    XPV Water Partners, a growth equity investor focused on making investments in companies related to the treatment and management of the world’s water resources, announced recently that it has supported a management buyout of Metasphere Ltd, an internationally recognised end-to-end provider of remote telemetry solutions.

  10. ISA Announces Appointment Of Executive Director Mary Ramsey

    The International Society of Automation (ISA) recently announces the appointment of automation industry veteran Mary Ramsey as its new Executive Director.