Wastewater Instrumentation Articles

  1. Sensing The Future: Water Technology’s 'Holy Grail'

    Real-time contaminant detection, featuring a network of sensors throughout the distribution network, is poised to revolutionize the water industry.

  2. Level Measurement Showdown: Ultrasonic Vs. Radar

     In the level measurement world, there is a rivalry between the two most commonly used measurement instruments: ultrasonic, which uses sound-based measurement, and radar, which uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to determine distance.

  3. EPA Goes 'Next Generation' With Regulatory Compliance Program

    Inspired by new technology and an evolved philosophy, the EPA changes its approach to pollution-control rulemaking and compliance.

  4. A New Approach To Early Biofilm Detection

    To assist industrial operators in managing and preventing biofilm, Italian start-up ALVIM Srl created a monitoring system that provides early warning detection of bacterial biofilm growing on pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers, RO membranes, and other equipment.

  5. Four Ways Your DO Measurements Are Being Affected

    There are several factors that affect the measurement of dissolved oxygen.  Some of these variables include temperature, salinity, flow or stirring dependence and barometric pressure.