Wastewater Collection Systems Videos

  1. Learn About How Sludge Is Reduced By Thermal Drying

    Take a virtual tour of a functioning sludge drying facility. In a comprehensive overview of the Huber BT Belt Sludge Dryer technology you will see how thin sludge is transformed into a dry biosolids product. Observe how the different processes of dewatering, holding, conveyance, drying, and storage work together to provide a complete solution click here.

  2. Unique System Can Handle Streep Sweepings And Vac-Trucks With Ease

    This video shows the receiving, treatment, and classification of WWTP grit, sewer grit and road sweepings creating cleaned and classified inorganics while simultaneously returning organics to process. The Huber Technology RoSF5 Grit Treatment Plant provides an automated solution that addresses the major challenge of different composition of the raw material entering a WWTP which can have a massive impact on downstream grit treatment systems.

  3. Recent And Large MS Bar Screen Installations In Various Countries

    Recent and large MS Bar Screen installations in various countries. Watch the full video to learn more. 

  4. BioAlgaNyx: Bringing Sludge Management Into The 21st Century

    Ovivo, a worldwide leader in providing advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions, in partnership with the University of Akron, has developed BioAlgaNyx™, a bioengineered algae based technology for wastewater and sludge management.

  5. How Footprint Impacts Grit Removal System Cost

    Footprint is a major factor in construction costs for new grit removal equipment. Learn more including footprint sizes for three of the leading technologies.

  6. See How The Q-Press® Dewaters Sludge

    In this 3D animated sequence, the inner workings of the Huber Technology Q-Press® are depicted. The video shows how the sludge enters into the Q-Press® and a slow turning auger moves the sludge through the dewatering process. The animation also shows how the automatic control of screwpress functions.

  7. How To Put A STRAINPRESS Sludge Screen In Your Facility

    This month we have introduced a series discussing how to remove debris in your sludge. The key technology used to accomplish this is the STRAINPRESS.

  8. Adam Ruins Everything -- Why Flushable Wipes Aren't Flushable

    Adam explains why the toilet paper industry's recent advertising ploy is clogging our drains.

  9. See How The STRAINPRESS® Removes Screenings From Sludge

    In this 3D animated sequence the inner workings of the STRAINPRESS® are depicted. The video shows how the sludge is pumped into the Strainpress’ perforated tube and flows through the perforations into a casing while debris is retained within the tube. An internal screw pushes the retained screenings along the tube’s axis into a conical dewatering and compressing section that is provided with a smaller perforation compared to the screening section.

  10. Septage Station Handles Severe And Unusual Septage

    Huber Technology RoFAS Septage Station is designed to handle environments that would cause standard Septage Stations to fail. Easily processes large debris  protecting headworks from unpredictable septage. Center feed allows for rapid offloading. Option for automatic hauler station. Revenue opportunities quickly realizes return-on-investment.