Wastewater Collection Systems Videos

  1. Remove Debris BEFORE It Hits Your Sludge Pump

    The video shows how the Huber Technology STRAINPRESS® is designed to effectively remove debris from sludge without breaking line pressure. Sludge is pumped into the Strainpress’ perforated tube and flows through the perforations into a casing while debris is retained within the tube.

  2. Put the Sun To Work | Spread It. Turn It. Mix It.

    This video provides a close up view of the Huber SOLSTICE solar dryer technology in operation. Turning is very important in a solar sludge dryer as new surface area needs to be exposed to the dryer air. Check out how the turning mechanism helps to break up the sludge into smaller granules.

  3. Fine Screens Protect Big Investment For North Las Vegas

    The City of North Las Vegas’s treatment facility is a membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant that was brand new when Huber’s rotary fine screens were implemented as part of its new advanced treatment and reclamation process. The facility uses smart technology that enables 24-7 processing with 14 of its operational hours every day unmanned. Huber’s advanced fine screening technology plays a key role in this impressive and innovative technology lineup.  

  4. Unpredictable Septage Conquered. Effective Offload Of Trucks Maintained.

    With a septage receiving station, you never know what you’re going to get. The Emerald Coast Utility Authority in Pensacola, Florida needed a solution that could handle rocks, debris, grease and other unusual objects the septage might contain. The Huber Technology RoFAS system totally met ECUA’s expectation for reliable operation; handling anything that was brought into the system.

  5. Wet Well Wizard In Action

    This video clearly illustrates how successful the wet well wizard is at eliminating FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) from collection system lift station wet wells. The patent pending Wizard design is guaranteed never to allow air bubbles to cavitate wet well pumps, to eliminate H2S odor from forming in the well where it is located, and eliminate all negative odors.

  6. Learn About How Sludge Is Reduced By Thermal Drying

    Take a virtual tour of a functioning sludge drying facility. In a comprehensive overview of the Huber BT Belt Sludge Dryer technology you will see how thin sludge is transformed into a dry biosolids product. Observe how the different processes of dewatering, holding, conveyance, drying, and storage work together to provide a complete solution click here.

  7. Unique System Can Handle Streep Sweepings And Vac-Trucks With Ease

    This video shows the receiving, treatment, and classification of WWTP grit, sewer grit and road sweepings creating cleaned and classified inorganics while simultaneously returning organics to process. The Huber Technology RoSF5 Grit Treatment Plant provides an automated solution that addresses the major challenge of different composition of the raw material entering a WWTP which can have a massive impact on downstream grit treatment systems.

  8. Recent And Large MS Bar Screen Installations In Various Countries

    Recent and large MS Bar Screen installations in various countries. Watch the full video to learn more. 

  9. BioAlgaNyx: Bringing Sludge Management Into The 21st Century

    Ovivo, a worldwide leader in providing advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions, in partnership with the University of Akron, has developed BioAlgaNyx™, a bioengineered algae based technology for wastewater and sludge management.

  10. How Footprint Impacts Grit Removal System Cost

    Footprint is a major factor in construction costs for new grit removal equipment. Learn more including footprint sizes for three of the leading technologies.