Wastewater Collection Systems News

  1. Sludge Screens Mean Large Savings

    National Waste Management Services company, IWJS, invests in CDEnviro’s MSU:10 mobile sludge screens resulting in 97% reduction in waste to landfill for Anglian Water

  2. Premier Tech Aqua Launches The New Solido SMART

    One of the UK’s leading providers of water and wastewater treatment solutions has announced it is extending its flagship range of products with the launch of a new sewage treatment plant that makes decentralised wastewater treatment easier and more efficient.  

  3. Idaho State University Study Links Nitrate Contamination In Lower Portneuf Valley Watershed To Septic Tanks

    Idaho State University researchers have established a clear link to septic sources of nitrate contamination in about one-third of the 100 private wells in the Lower Portneuf Valley Watershed sampled for a study.

  4. CDEnviro’s Innovation Leads To Awards Shortlisting

    CDEnviro’s S:MAX G – a sludge screening system used in the pre-treatment stage in waste water treatment– is a finalist for the category of Most Innovative New Technology in the Water Industry Achievement Awards’.

  5. Extensive Regional Grit Gradation Data Published For The First Time

    Important reference data on the regional characteristics of wastewater grit across North America have been published for the first time.

  6. Infiltrator Celebrates Thirty Years Of Innovation

    Infiltrator Water Technologies, a leading manufacturer of decentralized wastewater treatment technology, celebrates 30 years of innovation in the onsite wastewater industry this year.

  7. Vaughan Introduces Submersible Chopper Conditioning Pump For More Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater treatment professionals face a host of challenges when processing effluent from residential and industrial sources, including pumping water with floating layers of grease, managing accumulated solids on the bottom of tanks and dealing with costly and disruptive clogs from rags and other foreign objects in the waste stream.

  8. DEP Provides $5.6M For New Wastewater Collection System In Springfield

    The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recently awarded the city of Springfield $5.6M to rehabilitate the city's wastewater collection system. The project was funded through the state's Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) loan program.

  9. EPA Launches Technology Challenge For An Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor

    Recently, the U.S. EPA and its partners launched a technology challenge for an Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor. The total award pool for this phase is $55,000.

  10. JWC Environmental To Acquire FRC Systems International, Expand Solutions For Industrial Wastewater

    JWC Environmental (JWC)and FRC Systems International (FRC) have announced the finalization of the transaction for the acquisition of FRC Systems by JWC Environmental.