Treatment News

  1. No Dry Holes: New Petrolithium Method Mitigates Drilling Risk For O&G Producers

    A newly released independent engineering report from SigmaCubed Engineering detailing production rates in Utah's Lisbon Valley.

  2. Catapult Announces A New Water Management Facility Partnership

    Catapult Environmental Inc. (“Catapult”) announced recently that it has signed a partnership agreement with Crew Energy Inc. (“Crew”), a premier Montney oil and gas producer, to design and build a water management facility in northeast British Columbia.

  3. Axine Water Receives $1M From The Government Of Canada

    Award-winning clean technology company Axine Water Technologies has received $1 million from the Government of Canada's Western Innovation Initiative (WINN) to deploy its disruptive, electrochemical oxidation technology for treating toxic wastewater at customer sites in the chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, and other water-intensive industries.

  4. Using Light To Propel Water

    A new system developed by engineers at MIT could make it possible to control the way water moves over a surface, using only light. By David L. Chandler