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  1. Four Zebra Mussel Myths And Where They Went Wrong

    Ridding water bodies and infrastructure of the invasive species is difficult and costly for water utilities and power generation facilities — a real concern that is complicated by fake news.

  2. Can Atmospheric Water Generation Help Solve The Global Water Crisis?

    In areas where water, infrastructure, and resources are scarce, a natural and novel solution has emerged — arriving out of thin air, so to speak.

  3. Separate Ways: Examining The Stormwater Needs Gap

    The Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) Stormwater Institute (SWI) reports on challenges and the annual funding gap for the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) sector.

  4. Protecting Water Quality Has Positive Trickle-Down Effect

    They say we all live downstream from someone and upstream from someone else — a reminder, quite literal for the water industry, of our interconnectedness and responsibility to others. In New York, the Army Corps of Engineers proved how relatively small infrastructure improvements can have outsized impact.

  5. Underground Tunnel Anchors Louisville's Work For Clean Waterways

    Named after a legend of Louisville, the “Bumblebee” tunnel-boring machine is carving a path to cleaner water, regulatory compliance, and lasting resiliency.

  6. Precision And Accuracy Of Multiple Stormwater Laboratory Testing Methodologies

    There are several accepted methodologies for testing stormwater treatment devices in the lab, but what works best? A comparison study gets us closer to the goal of optimal sediment removal efficiency.

  7. The Final Straw Against Water Pollution

    If I were asked to describe the makeup of the Water Online and Water Innovations audience, I could say it’s a mix of engineers and operators focusing on clean and/or wastewater processes within municipal or industrial settings. But that wouldn’t tell the whole story, because you are much more than that — you are caretakers of our planet’s most valuable resource.

  8. Best Technology Available For Reliable Design Of Water Treatment Plant Hydraulics

    Treatment plant design comes in many shapes and sizes — and even dimensions. Determining the best option comes from understanding, and perhaps combining, the available options.

  9. Innovation Leads The Way To Solving Desalination Challenges

    Not just a solution for water-scarce cities by the sea, desalination is also vitally important for industrial processes and many inland utilities reliant on groundwater. Like other treatment technologies, continued water security and prosperity depend on improvements in the processes and developments on the horizon.

  10. Improving Mixing In A Water Storage Reservoir Using CFD Modeling

    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling was applied to a circular water storage reservoir, proving invaluable for understanding hydraulic characteristics, developing a plan for mixing efficiency, and maintaining water quality.