Sludge and Biosolids Processing Videos

  1. Eco-Efficient Wastewater Treatment

    Ivar Solvi, Manager of Business Development, explains how the technology from Salsnes Filter offers unique benefits such as separation, sludge thickening, and dewatering-all in one system. By removing solids through filtration, there is a higher biogas potential than through sedimentation, more available energy, and flexibility for a higher flow, with a carbon footprint that is 5-10% less than conventional methods. Watch this video to learn why Salsnes Filter systems are a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for municipal and industrial wastewater applications.

  2. Chemical-Free Pretreatment Technology

    This video demonstrates the advantages of using OpenCEL technology for the pretreatment of secondary waste-activated sludge generated during advanced biological wastewater treatment. OpenCEL employs high frequency electrical pulses to break open biomass cell membranes, releasing soluble material that is more readily digested. Learn how the chemical-free technology can cut costs and recover energy.

  3. Leveraging Wastewater To Create A Sustainable Future

    Communities worldwide are facing water supply challenges. Forward-thinking experts believe it’s time for a paradigm shift from treating wastewater for discharge into watersheds, to treating wastewater for use as a renewable resource. In this video, learn how Aqua-Aerobic Systems uses a treat-and-recover approach to achieve a long-term solution to water scarcity issues.

  4. Little John Digester Demonstration Video

    DO2E’s patented “Little John Digester” system was designed for the oxidation and removal of F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, & Grease), matting, and odor in commercial and residential lift stations, grease traps, and wet wells all by utilizing the latest “Green” technology.