Sludge and Biosolids Processing Articles

  1. Lessons From DC Water’s Rock Star, George Hawkins

    In just eight years at DC Water, which provides drinking water, sewage collection, and sewage treatment in Washington, D.C., serving more than 600,000 residents, George Hawkins transformed the utility from insular and guarded to open and innovative.

  2. Making America’s Water Utilities Great

    This January, a national leader emerged with a plan to shake up the status quo, touting a “business” approach to rectify historic “inadequacies” of our system. And we should all be on board with the plan, because it means potentially great things for the water and wastewater industry.

  3. Tips For Improved Dewatering

    An industry expert shares three universal keys to drier cake solids concentration, as well as a comparison of dewatering technologies.

  4. Superpower Of Water Research Takes Flight

    While two longstanding water research groups are discontinued, from them a bigger and better organization emerges. Get to know the changing face of water research through this Q&A with Melissa Meeker, CEO of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation.

  5. Bill Gates Drinks Poop Water, Serves Notice

    Credit where it’s due: I didn’t develop the information I’m sharing — but it’s too good to merely retweet or “like.” My enthusiasm stems from one of the world's most famous, influential, and capable people bringing widespread attention to typically underappreciated water issues.

  6. Revolutionary Sludge Management Comes To America

    Wastewater utilities have a new opportunity to turn their sludge (biosolids) into something special.

  7. 5 Reasons To Harvest The Power Of Biogas

    Not every utility that cleans wastewater views itself as a wastewater treatment plant. 

  8. Biosolids Application Creates A Stink

    Well-meaning, sustainable practice confronts “Not in my backyard!” pushback in Pennsylvania.

  9. Biosolids Program Can Improve Efficiency, Save Money

    The National Biosolids Partnership’s Biosolids Management Program, offered by the Water Environment Federation, is designed to equip operators, managers, and administrators with tools to track and monitor data needed to achieve optimized biosolids management performance and ensure regulatory compliance. 

  10. Biogas By The Numbers
    The Biogas Database features data from 5,127 wastewater treatment plants, the EPA, and approximately 20 wastewater industry experts.