Sewers and Sewer Line Maintenance News

  1. Hurricane Irma Brings Wastewater Fallout To Florida

    Earlier this month, Hurricane Irma brought pounding winds and torrential rain to the Caribbean and Florida, and along with it came wastewater issues.

  2. Pipeline Renewal Technologies Offers New Trenchless Rehab Methods Poster

    To help sewer professionals gain a basic understanding of trenchless rehab options, Pipeline Renewal Technologies (PRT) has created a new, free Trenchless Sewer Rehab Methods Poster.

  3. Ross Valley Sanitary District Awards $9.7M Sewer Rehabilitation Construction Contract

    The Ross Valley Sanitary District (RVSD) has awarded a construction contract to Ranger Pipelines, Inc. in the amount of $9,769,729 for its FY 2016-17 Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project. 

  4. City Of Fitchburg, MA, Adopts InfoMaster GIS-Centric Smart Asset Management Solution

    Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced that the City of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, has adopted industry-leading and award-winning InfoMaster software for prioritizing the operations and maintenance activities of its sewer collection system.

  5. M6 Smart Motorway Drainage Re-Lined In Half The Normal Time

    In a project designed to alleviate traffic congestion on the M6, Sapphire Utility Solutions has dramatically reduced the time required to rehabilitate drainage pipes by employing a method that was originally developed for the wastewater sector.

  6. Innovyze Releases InfoWorks ICM Generation V8

    Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, recently announced the release of the V8 Generation of InfoWorks ICM, its comprehensive urban drainage modeling solution.

  7. Man Loses Life In Sewage-Tank Puppy Rescue

    A North Dakota man lost his life this month while saving a puppy from an uncovered sewage drain.

  8. What Could Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Mean For Water?

    Following months of anticipation among water industry pros, the Trump administration has rolled out its proposal for how to rehabilitate the nation’s infrastructure.

  9. Study Examines Environmental Impacts, Safety And Costs Of Nation's Drinking Water Pipes

    The Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association (PVCPA), which represents U.S. and Canadian manufacturers of PVC pipe, announced the completion of the first comprehensive environmental and performance review of water and sewer pipes in North America.

  10. New Approach Improves Ability To Predict Metals’ Reactions With Water

    The wide reach of corrosion, a multitrillion-dollar global problem, may someday be narrowed considerably thanks to a new, better approach to predict how metals react with water.