Sewers and Sewer Line Maintenance News

  1. Krausz USA Presents HYMAX Clamp At ACE16

    Krausz USA introduced recently its HYMAX Clamp which quickly and easily repairsholes and longitudinal cracks in water and wastewater pipes. With only two bolts to tighten (length sizes up to 12”), installation is simple and minimizes worker-time in the ditch (three and four bolts are needed for larger sized pipes).

  2. Baltimore To Receive $1.2 Billion In Sewer Upgrades By 2030

    Residents of Baltimore may finally be able to relax a little when it comes to their beloved city’s crumbling sewer system.

  3. Sewer-Cruising Robot Will Survey Texas Infrastructure

    A robot is being deployed in Arlington, TX, to cruise the sewer pipes and look for potential problems.

  4. Sewage Geysers Afflicting Baltimore Homes

    Toilets are spewing sewage into Baltimore homes and resolving the problem is billions of dollars and a decade beyond reach.

  5. Derailed Oil Train Takes Out Wastewater System In Oregon

    An oil train derailed in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge on Friday, raising concerns about nearby water service and knocking the wastewater system completely out of function in the town of Mosier.

  6. Despite Population Growth, Federal Spending On Water Utility Projects Plunges

    The federal government has steadily backed away from its role in funding water infrastructure, but policymakers are considering a variety of innovative ways to make federal money available for local water projects without the need for direct federal spending.

  7. Expanding Grant Program To Support Sewer Pipe Repairs

    A grant program in New York State aims to help communities address the issue of cracked underground sewer pipes.

  8. Broken Main Discharged 1 Million Gallons Of Raw Sewage In Florida

    More than 1 million gallons of raw sewage went into a canal that leads to Central Florida’s Banana River, after an old sewer pipe broke last week near the border of Satellite Beach and Indian Harbour Beach.

  9. UK’s Largest Water Utility Selects InfoWorks ICM

    Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, recently announced that Thames Water, UK, has purchased multiple licenses of InfoWorks ICM Suite, the industry’s leading integrated catchment modeling solution.

  10. Sewage Floods Threaten London Amid Surging Population

    London is growing, and so are its sewage and water problems.