SCADA and Automation

  1. SCADA Cybersecurity: What Every Water Utility Should Do Now To Prevent An Attack

    Danger isn’t always obvious. Often the worst threats are the ones that go undetected— until they strike. 

  2. Maintaining Data Acquisition Capabilities Through Storms, Cyber Attacks

    Not all technology holds up during a weather emergency. Electricity often fails, communication methods are compromised, and computer networks go offline.

  3. EPA Goes 'Next Generation' With Regulatory Compliance Program

    Inspired by new technology and an evolved philosophy, the EPA changes its approach to pollution-control rulemaking and compliance.

  4. Designing For Process Automation: 5 Keys To Success

    For most water and wastewater treatment plant operators, the words "process automation" are likely music to their ears. Labor requirements are reduced, while processes become more efficient and reliable — all outcomes that make an operator's life easier. But the decision to automate will often fall on the engineer in the design stage of a plant build or upgrade. I wondered what guides an engineer's decision to automate specific processes, so I went to Craig Correia, head of process automation at Festo Corporation, to gain some insight.