Sara Jerome

  1. Record-Setting Python Caught On Water District Land

    A water management district in Florida had a slithery problem to contend with recently in the form of a 17-foot Burmese python.

  2. Approved By Water Agencies, Killed By Voters: Cali Water Bond

    Among the notable defeats on election day was a proposed $9 billion water bond in California.

  3. NJ American Reaches Rate Settlement

    Plans are in place for New Jersey American Water customers to be paid back for what amounted to a loan to the state’s biggest water utility.

  4. North Carolina Worker Dies After Fall From Water Tower

    A Greensboro city worker died in North Carolina last week after falling from a water tower while reportedly performing a maintenance exercise on the structure.

  5. Old Wooden Water Infrastructure Discovered

    Water workers in South Carolina recently unearthed a pipe that seemed, by today’s standards, ancient.

  6. Newark Lead Crisis Follows Pattern Of Flint

    The lead crisis in Newark, NJ, has clear echoes of the disaster in Flint, MI.

  7. New Indirect Potable Reuse Project Comes To Southwest

    A city near Phoenix recently greenlit a major indirect potable reuse project designed to support the water supply in an area threatened by drought, rising demand, and climate change.

  8. Trump May Relax Clean Water Rules

    The Trump administration may relax the rules preventing the oil and gas industry from discharging wastewater into rivers and streams.

  9. Utilities Called Out For Water Shutoff Policies

    Over a million people lost their water service in recent years due to shutoffs by major providers in a sign of the growing challenge of water affordability.

  10. Historic Flood Shakes Up Austin Drinking Water

    The Texas capital is facing drinking water complications including a boil-water notice and use restrictions in the wake of significant flooding.