Sara Jerome

  1. Lead Contamination An Underreported Threat In Puerto Rico Tap Water

    The tap water in Puerto Rico has an unfortunate reason for standing out.

  2. EPA Official Says Flint Should Not Have Flushed Hydrants

    An EPA official stated last week that Flint officials should not have flushed hydrants before testing for lead during the water crisis.

  3. Cybersecurity Report Highlights Breadth Of Risks To Water Utilities

    Connecticut utilities repelled numerous cyberattacks over the last year, according to a new report from the state government.

  4. Baltimore To Vote On Water Privatization Ban

    Baltimore voters will consider a measure to ban privatization of the city water system this November, potentially making it the first major city to do so.

  5. Price Tag On Repairing South Dakota Wastewater: $160M

    Municipal wastewater systems in South Dakota need upgrades, but costs are a major barrier to completing the task.

  6. Hoboken Searches For New Water Utility After 18 Main Breaks

    After 18 water mains broke in Hoboken, NJ, over the summer, the city council and city administration moved to take bids for a new water company to replace SUEZ Water.

  7. Portrait Of Hurricane Florence Fallout Emerges

    As officials continue to tabulate the fallout from Hurricane Florence, it is clear the damage wrought by polluted floodwaters will be among the major challenges the region faces.

  8. Oregon, Ohio Regulate Algae. Will More States Follow Suit?

    Two states have mandated that public water systems test their water for algae toxins, and more states could follow suit, according to NPR.

  9. New York American Water Investigated Amid Overcharging Claims

    New York American Water is under scrutiny for what public officials see as questionable charges on customer bills.

  10. Detroit Public Schools Nix Drinking Water Fountains As Class Begins

    Detroit public school students will not have the option of quenching their thirst at water fountains this year.