Sara Jerome

  1. Wastewater Plants Linked To Microplastic Pollution

    A new study has linked wastewater treatment plants to microplastic pollution in rivers in the United Kingdom.

  2. How Denver’s Water Architects Predicted The Future

    The architects of Denver’s water infrastructure had a knack for predicting the future. They planned for the population of the city to grow.

  3. After Hurricane, Puerto Rico Water Difficulties Remain

    Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico’s drinking water infrastructure last September.

  4. Brain-Eating Amoeba Returns To Louisiana

    The so-called brain-eating amoeba is back, once again creating challenges for water safety in Louisiana.

  5. Permanent Water Restrictions Approved In California

    When California Governor Jerry Brown signaled lifted emergency conservation measures last year, many environmentalists worried that water savings achieved during the drought would dry up.

  6. Desal Plant Up For Debate In Orange County

    Ratepayers are debating the merits of a proposal for a new desalination plant in Orange County, CA.

  7. Water Utility Lesson Of The Year: Resiliency

    September of 2017 was the busiest month of hurricane activity on record, according to the Weather Channel.

  8. Oregon Regulators Take Aim At Cyanotoxins

    Health regulators in Oregon are creating new regulations to protect drinking water from cyanotoxins.

  9. Study Links Wastewater On Roads To Water Pollution

    A new research study links the use of oil and gas wastewater to the spread of air and water pollution.

  10. Utility Worker Dies Under Manhole

    A utility worker died while working under a manhole in Florida on Friday.