Sara Jerome

  1. Embattled City Utility Gets On Water Improvement Plan

    Water in the capital of New Jersey had a lead problem, and the city was ordered to take palliative steps.

  2. In Florida, Thousands Join Algae Protest

    Thousands of Florida residents joined together for a demonstration on Sunday conveying a commitment to clean water.

  3. Who’s To Blame For Algal Blooms?

    With algal blooms forcing the closure of popular beaches in Vermont this summer, some critics are blaming sewage plants for the problem.

  4. Report Claims Contamination Evidence Was Deleted

    Did New York City officials fail to report evidence of water contamination?

  5. San Diego Overbilled Ratepayers By $2 Million

    Single-family homes in San Diego were overbilled by the city water department by more than $2 million last year, according to a new analysis.

  6. Texas City Weighs Wastewater Treatment Options

    A city near Austin, TX, is mulling how to approach wastewater treatment in a way that protects Blue Hole, a beloved swimming spot in the area.

  7. Amid Wildfires, Trump Weighs In On Water Policy

    President Donald Trump took to Twitter in recent days to discuss water policy in a series of posts about California wildfires.

  8. $177 Million Job: Replacing Indiana’s Lead Service Lines

    Indiana American Water says it will cost $177 million over two decades to replace lead water service lines across the state.

  9. Water In Michigan County Under State Of Emergency

    Michigan’s lieutenant governor ordered a state of emergency in Kalamazoo County on July 29 as a result of perfluorinated compound contamination.

  10. Showdown: Scientists Compare Tap To Bottle, Filter

    In the age of water filters and pricey bottled water options, consumers may get confused about the best way to access drinking water.