Sara Jerome

  1. When Water Scarcity Leads To Violent Crime

    As pressure on water resources grows, there is at least one “water cop” trying to maintain order.

  2. Suspended EPA Official: Trump Admin Stalling On Child Lead Rules

    A suspended U.S. EPA official is calling out the Trump administration for what she sees as negligence on rules protecting children from lead.

  3. Indiana Water Privatization Needs Court Approval

    The fate of a water utility in Indiana lies in the hands of a court.

  4. After Cyberattack, Utility Urges Customers To Replace Credit Cards

    The water utility in San Angelo, TX, is urging customers who paid their water bill online during the summer months to immediately get a new card.

  5. Control Of Dysfunctional Water Utility Seized

    A judge has ordered that an Arizona water utility hand over its reins to a management entity or face jail time.

  6. Dirty Irrigation Water Poses Health Risks

    Irrigation water used by farmers appears to be making people sick.

  7. Utilities Invoke A Nightmare: 'Imagine A Day Without Water'

    Water utilities around the country are inviting the public to think the unthinkable in a campaign kicking off October 10 known as “Imagine a Day Without Water”.

  8. Brain-Eating Amoeba Takes Life In New Jersey

    The so-called "brain-eating" amoeba, a water-based threat that poses a risk to water utilities, has taken another life.

  9. Water-Access Limits Could Complicate Massive Reservoir

    Sites Reservoir is a major new water project planned in California with funding from the Proposition 1 state water bond.

  10. Race, Class Linked To Clean Water Inaccessibility

    Low-income communities and people in minority groups carry a greater burden in terms of exposure to unsafe drinking water.