Sara Jerome

  1. Prairie Dog Problem Crops Up At Denver Water

    Colorado residents are disappointed with how Denver Water decided to handle a prairie dog situation.

  2. Violations At NJ Utilities Enumerated In New Report

    “More than 1.5 million New Jerseyans are served by a utility that has been cited for excessive contaminants since April 2014, when the Flint water crisis was revealed, according to an analysis of U.S. EPA data by USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey,” The Asbury Park Press reported.

  3. Regulators Reject Utility's Attempt To Recover Legal Fees From Ratepayers

    South Carolina utility regulators are preventing Carolina Water Service from raising its sewer rates to foot the bill for a pollution case.

  4. Michigan Water Rules Prompt Lawsuit

    Water utilities in Michigan are suing the state over the implementation of the toughest lead rules in the country.

  5. Vegas Planners Prep For 'Doomsday' On Colorado River

    Las Vegas water planners are prepping for a harrowing possibility: The disappearance of the Colorado River.

  6. Shedding Light On Austin’s Boil-Water Notice

    Water delivery in Austin, TX, was challenged by historic flooding in October, prompting an unusual turn of events for a major city.

  7. In Philly Suburb Water Crisis, Tests Reveal Chemicals In Blood

    The first blood tests results were released since water contamination in the Philadelphia suburbs came to light, and they provide a glimpse at potential health effects for residents.

  8. Small Town, Big Water Problems

    In the Louisiana community of Enterprise, tap water is so unappealing that one woman drives 20 miles each way to do her laundry in another town, according to CNN.

  9. Hormone-Disrupting Herbicide Widely Detected In Tap Water

    A new report from an environmental group points to a potential atrazine problem in tap water.

  10. PFAS Testimony Suggests Weak Response From Michigan

    Michigan has been slow to respond to PFAS contamination despite having information about this threat several years ago.