Sara Jerome

  1. Coal Plants Pose Groundwater Threat, New Data Shows

    Mounting data suggests that pollution from coal-burning power plants may pose a threat to drinking water.

  2. Critics Question Trump Ties To Water Project

    Critics say a water project in the Mojave Desert may have questionable connections to the Trump family.

  3. California To Add Recycled Water To Reservoirs

    California regulators approved new measures last week allowing treated recycled wastewater in state reservoirs.

  4. Massive Water Main Break Strikes Atlanta

    A massive main break crippled water delivery in Atlanta last week, leaving many residents without water and thrusting more than 700,000 people under a boil-water advisory.

  5. Here’s Why Utilities Should Talk To Their Ratepayers

    Many water utilities stay in close contact with ratepayers, but when budgets are tight, communications outreach is a task that sometimes gets pushed aside.

  6. Lawmaker Introduces Anti-Shutoff Bill

    Water affordability is an increasing cause of concern in California, where water rates are climbing and many residents cannot keep up.

  7. Amid Water Quality Doubts, Philly Water Fires Back

    The Philadelphia Water Department is under fire for allegedly high contaminant levels in its drinking water supply, but officials say the claims are flawed.

  8. Michigan Crafting Nation’s Toughest Lead Rule

    Michigan is moving to create the toughest rule in the country for lead in drinking water.

  9. Paying In Pennies: New Form Of Ratepayer Protest

    A Florida woman has invented a new way to protest her water bill while potentially irritating her water utility: She decided to pay in pennies. 

  10. Troubled Water Utilities A Hot Ticket Item

    Consolidation is a feature of the water business across the country. What makes troubled water utilities an attractive purchase?