Sara Jerome

  1. Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Over Michigan Water Pollution

    Water activists filed a class-action lawsuit this month contending that three companies contributed to water pollution in Michigan.

  2. Water Companies Admit To Using Divining Rods For Leak Detection

    Water companies in the U.K. are using a questionable method for leak detection, one that is unlikely to ever make it to the states.

  3. Trenton Water Utility Faces Criticism From State

    New Jersey environmental regulators are putting pressure on officials in the state capital to fix the city’s struggling water utility.

  4. Water Rate Increases Drive Residents Out Of South Carolina Town

    The cost of water in Lake Wylie, SC, is so high that some residents may move out of town.

  5. Research: Latino Americans Don’t Trust Tap Water

    Research shows that Latinos are more likely to distrust tap water compared to other groups.

  6. Amid Population Boom, Texas Cities Plan $225 Million Water Pipeline

    Texas cities with booming populations are teaming up on a major water pipeline project.

  7. Trump Administration Sued Over Massive Desert Water Project

    Environmental advocacy groups filed a lawsuit last month to halt a massive water project in the Mojave Desert.

  8. Scientists Urge Coordination In PFC Response

    Scientists want to see more coordination across communities when it comes to policymaking and research into perfluorinated compounds (PFCs).

  9. Worker Dies At Wastewater Plant In New York

    A worker died on the job at a wastewater treatment plant in Watertown, NY, on November 20.

  10. Water Worker Hospitalized After Trench Collapses

    A water department employee in Floyd County, GA, was trapped in a trench from the waist down for three hours on November 14, according to a report in The Atlanta Journal Constitution.