RWL Brochures

  1. Extraction Wastewater Treatment By Fluence

    Fluence can help keep your water in the ecosystem and avoid losing it to deep well injection by providing the technology to do the final separation and treatment of the water recovered during the extraction process.

  2. Fluence Provides Custom Water & Wastewater Solutions to the Power Industry

    Fluence  has been working with power generation customers for over a decade to solve their water and wastewater needs. Whether improving existing operations or building new plants from the ground up, we focus on system performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements, and long-term cost effectiveness. Fluence is able to meet the most demanding standards of reliability, safety, and quality. Read more here.

  3. Aeration And Mixing by Fluence

    Fluence offers a complete line of aerators, mixers, and diffusers for wastewater treatment. Our aeration and mixing equipment is installed worldwide in municipal and industrial applications.

  4. Fluence Solutions Brochure

    Fluence has more than 90 years of combined experience building highly successful water, wastewater, and reuse treatment solutions for diverse industries and municipalities around the world.

  5. Water Treatment Brochure

    At Fluence, “Water Treatment” means reusing and treating water to solve our clients’ water challenges while minimizing environmental impact.

  6. Wastewater Treatment Brochure

    Industrial and municipal wastewaters contain various types of pollutants, such as Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), dissolved organic matter, fats and oils, nitrogen compounds, suspended solids, heavy metals, surfactants, and more.

  7. Municipal Brochure

    With over 7,000 references around the world, Fluence has been working with municipalities for decades to address their water and wastewater needs.

  8. Waste-To-Energy Brochure

    Fluence’s experience, skills, awareness of, and attention to energy savings have led to optimal completion of the industrial cycle by recycling process waste.

  9. Fluence Solutions For The Dairy Industry

    The dairy processing industry is highly diversified, and manufacturing operations create different qualities and quantities of waste that need to be treated. Without treatment, companies encounter disposal issues and miss opportunities to recover valuable biomass and nutrients.

  10. Project Financing Solutions Brochure

    The economical investments into water treatment, wastewater treatment, or waste-to-energy plants, and subsequent ecological benefits, are often determined by the availability of funds or credit lines.