Brochure | August 24, 2017

TORNADO® Subsurface Aerators Brochure

Source: Fluence

Tornado provides high oxygen transfer and intensive mixing capabilities in a wide range of applications. The Tornado aerator’s turbulent directional mixing and jet propulsion discharge assures that oxygen is quickly blended with the wastewater for unmatched oxygen transfer. The intense action of the jet propulsion shears wastewater solids to increase treatment performance and provide better contact for the oxygen and wastewater bacteria.

The Tornado aerator mounts at an angle in the water with the motor and air intake above the surface and the propeller submerged below the water. The solid motor shaft spins a proprietary stainless steel propeller. Water moves at a high velocity through and near the propeller, creating a low pressure zone at the hub. The low pressure zone draws air in through the stationary intake and down the large diameter draft tube. The air exits into the water at the propeller hub. Turbulence and flow created by the propeller breaks up the air bubbles, mixes the basin, and disperses oxygen.