1. 3 Game Changers For Water And Wastewater

    Three key events from 2015 could reshape the water/wastewater industry in 2016 and for years to come.

  2. The Chicago Way: Windy City Water Boss Addresses Top Threats, Solutions

    In many ways, Chicago is a tough act to follow — a world-class city of both great renown and infamy. The latter may engender thoughts of mobsters and political machinations, but when it comes to water, ‘the Chicago way’ is a model of achievement and leadership to be admired.

  3. Climate Change Ramifications For The Water Industry

    Climate change isn’t going away — not in the literal sense, not in public discourse, and probably not as a point of contention. While the big-picture initiative arising from COP21 was to halt global warming at 1.5°C, there are many smaller, more personal (but no less important) initiatives being taken on by water and wastewater professionals.

  4. The Hurricane Handbook For Utilities

    Based on actual experiences and lessons learned in the aftermath of a hurricane, the Water Research Foundation helps provide a checklist of best practices — pre- and post-storm — for utilities in harm’s way.

  5. The Top Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Projects In North America

    CG/LA Infrastructure has released its annual ‘Strategic 100 North America’ report, a ranking of the highest-value public projects set to move forward in the next 18 months, and only nine of the 100 are from the water/wastewater sector. What gives?

  6. Surviving Drought: Utility Action Plans That Work

    After more than three years of severe drought, utilities in California can attest to the value of preparation — even if they found out the hard way, through inaction.

  7. State Of Utilities: Climate Change And The Obama Effect

    The annual State of the Union address was met with the typical Monday-morning quarterbacking from all sides, and while I have no interest in parsing President Obama’s performance, his strong statement on climate change is worth noting. What does it mean for water and wastewater professionals?

  8. The Utility Response To Terrorism

    Here’s a bit of information that I hope you never need to reference again, but you should be aware as a matter of preparedness.

  9. SCADA Cybersecurity: What Every Water Utility Should Do Now To Prevent An Attack

    Danger isn’t always obvious. Often the worst threats are the ones that go undetected— until they strike. 

  10. Maintaining Data Acquisition Capabilities Through Storms, Cyber Attacks

    Not all technology holds up during a weather emergency. Electricity often fails, communication methods are compromised, and computer networks go offline.