Resiliency Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. 3 Game Changers For Water And Wastewater

    Three key events from 2015 could reshape the water/wastewater industry in 2016 and for years to come.

  2. Leading The (Re)Charge: How The SFPUC Is Protecting San Francisco Bay Area Groundwater

    The Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System is vulnerable to both drought and earthquakes, but innovative resiliency efforts by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) will keep the water flowing.

  3. Bold 2016 Predictions For Industrial IoT

    FreeWave Technologies sees the Internet of Things pushing the bounds of possibility, disrupting traditional business models.

  4. The Chicago Way: Windy City Water Boss Addresses Top Threats, Solutions

    In many ways, Chicago is a tough act to follow — a world-class city of both great renown and infamy. The latter may engender thoughts of mobsters and political machinations, but when it comes to water, ‘the Chicago way’ is a model of achievement and leadership to be admired.

  5. Climate Change Ramifications For The Water Industry

    Climate change isn’t going away — not in the literal sense, not in public discourse, and probably not as a point of contention. While the big-picture initiative arising from COP21 was to halt global warming at 1.5°C, there are many smaller, more personal (but no less important) initiatives being taken on by water and wastewater professionals.

  6. Source Water Protection: There’s An App For That

    In Oregon, a mobile toolkit helps promote healthy ecosystems and protect community drinking water.

  7. Consultant’s Corner: Top 5 Requirements for Good Modeling

    Dr. Jon Wicks, CH2M’s Global Technology Leader for flood risk modeling, shares his thoughts on the requirements for good modeling, building on discussions held at the recent Flood Modeller Suite Conference.

  8. Online Training: EPA’s 'All-Hazards Boot Camp'

    The U.S. EPA has recently released a video tutorial that outlines all phases of emergency planning and response for the water and wastewater facilities. This article will introduce and give an outline to the new training from an insider’s point of view.

  9. Aussie Managers Support World Climate Change Initiatives Such As Those Agreed In Paris — But Want Promises To Match Performance

    A new study of Australian management attitudes towards environmental initiatives involving cleaner water and greener energy has found strongly increasing support among the people who are key to making such projects happen.

  10. 10 Years Later, Is New Orleans Ready For The Next Katrina?

    While New Orleans has bounced back to recapture its inimitable place in the American landscape, the city has been forced to reinvent itself and rethink what it means to occupy one of the country’s most vulnerable locations to tropical storms.