Resiliency Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. The Bible On Effective Utility Management

    The U.S. EPA and multiple water groups recently gathered during Water Week 2016 in Washington, D.C. to announce updates to an essential guide for effective utility management (EUM). If utilities aren't already familiar with this document, they need to be. 

  2. Holistic Energy-Water Planning: Hedging Your Bets In A Water-Stressed World

    You probably have some sort of insurance – for your healthcare, car, house, or apartment. Acting on climate change is also like insurance. It is all about managing the risks.

  3. The 5 Major ASSE 1060 Requirements For Backflow Covers

    In 1996, the American Society of Sanitary Engineering produced a new standard — ASSE 1060. It focuses on devices that provide protection for fluid conveying pipes which are mounted outside and above ground.

  4. Taking CARE: Infrastructure And Resiliency For Those In Need

    The U.S. EPA’s WaterCARE program is providing 10 communities around the country with money and technical assistance to revamp their drinking and wastewater infrastructures.

  5. Solving Sewer Overflows: Green Or Gray, WERF Shows The Way

    A leading research organization investigates wet weather strategies to help municipalities make informed decisions about stormwater management.

  6. Building Climate Resilience At The Water’s Edge

    We live in challenging times, with the shocks and stresses of global warming affecting every community in one form or another. To survive and thrive, we need to build the capacity to work together within our communities and across watersheds. And we need to work with nature and natural processes, rather than fruitlessly trying to control nature and bend it to our will.

  7. Power Resiliency Tips For Water And Wastewater Utilities

    Are you prepared to keep services up and running if the grid goes down?

  8. Forget Taco Wars — The Real Competition Is Over Who Is Using Water More Wisely

    San Antonio and Austin just called a cease-fire on a taco war over which city invented the breakfast taco. Both make excellent tacos: from the traditional chorizo and egg taco in San Antonio to a free-range egg and organic spinach taco in Austin. But this debate was about more than just tacos — it was about the history and culture of these two neighboring cities.

  9. Why Isn’t Texas Saving Energy And Water Through Solar Floatovoltaics?

    Floating solar panels atop bodies of water, or the cleverly nicknamed “floatovoltaics,” are a possible solution for both energy and water challenges. The panels help to reduce evaporation of water — critical in hot, dry places like Texas and California — and the water helps to keep the panels cool, increasing their efficiency.

  10. Corps Keeps Public Water Clean Naturally

    When we see news stories about lead-contaminated water flowing out of faucets in Flint, MI and see the troubles the city is having as a result, many of us become concerned about our own city's drinking water supply that we use every day to brush our teeth, take a shower, and fill our dog's water bowl.