Regulations and Legislation Features, Insights, & Analysis

  1. Desalination Serves Coastal Argentine City

    When a series of water crises in 2014 disrupted conventional utility services in the coastal Argentine city of Caleta Olivia, the city needed a way to ensure an uninterrupted water supply.

  2. Indirect Potable Reuse With UV-Oxidation - Big Spring, Texas (Case Study)

    In an effort to reduce reliance on dwindling surface and groundwater supplies in Texas, the Colorado River Municipal Water District (CRMWD) constructed a new Raw Water Production Facility (RWPF) in Big Spring. Big Spring is a 27,000-member community located in West Texas approximately 300 miles west of Dallas. This RWPF treats secondary wastewater to a standard that allows it to be re-introduced directly into the raw water supply for the water treatment plants of Big Spring, Odessa, and other communities in the region.

  3. ETS-UV™ For Drinking Water Disinfection Product Summary

    ETS has developed a range of drinking water UV systems that comply with the requirements of the US EPA Design Guidance Manual and have been independently validated to demonstrate performance under a variety of operating conditions. The systems are modeled using CFD and FEA emulation tools, which are continuously and iteratively improved following bioassay, routinely undertaken with a variety of surrogate organisms such as B. Subtilis, T1, and MS2 phage.

  4. EZ-TOC II CA52TOC Datasheet
    EZ-TOC II CA52TOC is an analyzer for continuous real-time TOC measurement in water and wastewater.
  5. FLIR Optical Gas Imaging Cameras Help To Spot Gas Leaks From The Air

    The Al Hosn Shah Gas Processing Plant in Abu Dhabi is a natural gas processing plant that purifies gases by removing certain contaminants in a sweetening process. The gas pipelines and other infrastructures that process sour gases need to be continuously monitored for leaks as the contaminant gases are often dangerous for human exposure. This case study explores the innovative combination of UAV and FLIR optical gas imaging technologies as an efficient way of monitoring vast gas fields from the air.

  6. A Layman’s Guide To Inorganic And Organic Contaminant Removal By Standard Filtration Methods

    Plant operators, maintenance engineers and mechanics, specifying engineers, installation technicians, and others involved in inorganic and organic contaminant removal are oftentimes called upon to choose and apply filtration solutions. To best make these decisions, it is helpful to review information and updated insight on basic filtration technologies, along with their advantages and disadvantages. 

  7. Method For Optimizing mAb Polishing Using CMM HyperCel™ Mixed-Mode Cation Exchanger

    mAbs are produced for a number of therapeutic applications. However, mAbs are not a homogeneous family of products. Each mAb is unique, based on its isoelectric point, hydrophobicity and ability to aggregate. Additionally, the contaminant HCP content is process-dependent.

  8. Drinking Up The Election: How Presidential Candidates Are Addressing Water Concerns

    Election season is in full swing and while it may not be the “hottest” topic being debated amongst presidential candidates, the topic of water isn’t being ignored as we approach November. Several candidates have addressed the challenges plaguing water and wastewater systems nationwide.

  9. WaterPOD™ Packaged Containerized Treatment Units Datasheet

    WaterPOD™ Packaged Containerized Treatment Units from AdEdge Technologies have been developed to meet the growing U.S. and International demand for small footprint, cost-effective modular water treatment installations.

  10. X3725 Series X-Ray Inspection System Datasheet

    The X3735 x-ray system is a high detection sensitivity solution, with an integrated conveyor designed to inspect tall, rigid packaged products in a wide range of applications.