Regulation Updates For Utility Management

  1. Sick Work! Sewage Exposure Stats And Solutions

    Everyone knows that sewer work is a “dirty job,” but there are factors — and real-life stories — that suggest the incidence and risk of sickness are rising.

  2. Impulse Detection Leads To Mitigation Of Pressure Events

    Water hammer events can result in service issues for utilities, as the sudden increase in pressure can contribute to pipe fatigue, eventually causing pipe failure—a costly situation for municipalities. 

  3. Getting Maintenance Work Done: In-House Or By Others

    The main objective for any Public Works department is to cost-effectively optimize resources – these include employees, equipment, materials, contracts, and physical assets. By Victor Valdovinos, P.E. and Harry C. Lorick, P.E., PWLF

  4. Enacting Specifications To Demand Quality Products And Ensure Public Safety Is Not Only The Right Thing To Do — It’s American!

    In the coming weeks, the U.S. House of Representatives will have the opportunity to vote on the vital Water Resource Development Act, which will provide additional financing mechanisms to help fund the overwhelming task of repairing and/or replacing our nation’s dilapidating water and wastewater infrastructure systems. It is a huge opportunity to guarantee that the products being used in these systems are of the highest quality and the tax dollars being spent to underwrite these projects will be reinvested many times over in our local economies. By Chris Keffer, executive director, Domestic First Coalition

  5. The Many Faces Of SCADA

    For over a decade, utilities have turned to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor and control their remote infrastructure. By Christopher Little

  6. Just Add SCADA

    Internet-hosted SCADA systems are a modern answer to modern municipal water and wastewater concerns. By Thelma Akwei and Ben Manlongat

  7. 10 Questions To Ask Before Choosing SCADA Software

    When creating SCADA specifications, engineering firms must focus on meeting the immediate start-up and operational requirements of the SCADA system. This often means specifying products with which they are familiar. The engineer wants to ensure that the new system meets all start-up requirements at a reasonable price. It is often difficult to look past the immediate project and consider long range plans, cost of system maintenance, and keeping your SCADA application current with evolving technology.

  8. Dollars And Sense: The Financial Case For Automation

    Whether it is dining out less often or putting off that new car purchase just a bit longer, it seems that doing more with less is something many of us have become accustomed to over the last few years. Consumers are not the only ones feeling the pinch. By Doug Johnson, Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions

  9. SCADA Conversion Without Down Time
    How a SC utility replaced their SCADA central without service interruption or a steep learning curve. By Jay Nicholson and Chris Little
  10. The Best Of Both SCADA Worlds
    By 2003, the City of Ocala had converted their two monitoring & control systems to VTScada software from Trihedral. In 2005, they merged the two into a single application.