Pump Station Monitoring Videos

  1. Select-It™ Pump Selection Program

    The Select-It™ pump selection program from Smith & Loveless gives consulting engineers the ability to design entire Smith & Loveless pump stations online in just minutes with 24/7 access. Unlike any other program in the industry, Select-It eliminates the need for CAD requests and drastically reduces the time required to design a complete pump station. Users can select the optimal pump station based on desired criteria, including pump efficiency data, and save session work at any point in the process.

  2. La Caldera Wastewater Pumping Station -- Deep Lift Installation

    Two large, combined wastewater pump stations with high-performance submersible motor pumps relieve flooding during the raining season to protect thousands from damages. They form part of the millennium infrastructure project in the Valley of Mexico. State-of- the- art hydraulic engineering tools were used to ensure reliable and efficient operation. CONAGUA initiated the construction of the largest and most important infrastructure work in Mexico at that time: the La Caldera waste water pumping station(capacity of 40 m3/s).

  3. Jefferson Parish Case Study: Flygt

    The total energy consumption of four wastewater pump stations in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana has been reduced by 50% with the Flygt Experior™.

  4. Are Your Wastewater Pump Station Operators Safe?

    Smith & Loveless customer Don Gilpin tells us why he uses the S&L Wet Well Mounted Pump Station over submersible pump stations. Operator safety is an important factor.