Pump Station Monitoring News

  1. Ross Valley Sanitary District Awards $7M Construction Contract For Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

    The Ross Valley Sanitary District (RVSD) Board of Directors approved the award of a $6,998,000 construction contract to fully rehabilitate two existing wastewater pump stations.

  2. Champion FOG Solution For Florida Lift Stations

    A large, north Florida regional wastewater system was continuously engaged in a repetitive battle which fat, oil and grease (FOG) buildup blanketed the equipment and the walls inside its lift stations. Lift stations would accumulate a mat of FOG up to four (4) feet thick creating a “major problem,” according to the maintenance supervisor, “relentless vacuum and water truck services really put a burden on our maintenance budget.”

  3. ECS Engineering Services Earns Environment Agency Award Nomination For Safety And Environmental Credentials

    ECS Engineering Services has been recognised for its exceptional level of service by nomination in the Environment Agency Project Excellence Awards 2017.

  4. Vaughan Introduces Submersible Chopper Conditioning Pump For More Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater treatment professionals face a host of challenges when processing effluent from residential and industrial sources, including pumping water with floating layers of grease, managing accumulated solids on the bottom of tanks and dealing with costly and disruptive clogs from rags and other foreign objects in the waste stream.

  5. Xylem Wins $1.5M USD Contract To Replace Pumps At North Carolina Wastewater Plant

    Xylem, a leading global water technology company dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging water issues, has won a contract worth $1.5M USD to provide new, more efficient pumps for use at a wastewater treatment plant in Pineville, North Carolina.

  6. ECS Installs One Of The UK’s First Adjustable Stop Logs At Peakirk Pumping Station

    Water control and fabrication expert ECS Engineering Services has recently completed the installation of one of the country’s first adjustable stop logs at Peakirk Pumping Station. Located on the River Welland, ECS installed the stop log as part of an overhaul of the existing pumping station on behalf of the Environment Agency and Anglian Water.

  7. ECS To Refurbish East Anglian Pumping Station To Reduce Flood Risk And Improve Drainage

    ECS Engineering Services has won the contract to redevelop and refurbish the Environment Agency’s Peakirk Pumping Station, near Peterborough, at the junction of the Rivers Welland and Folly. The aims of the project are to improve the whole drainage of the surrounding area and provide improved flood prevention capabilities.

  8. ‘Smart’ Flood Alleviation System Protects Portsmouth

    In late 2014, Southern Water completed a major project to reduce the risk of sewer flooding in parts of Portsmouth and Southsea.

  9. DC Water Awards CH2M/Parsons Joint Venture Team Major Water And Wastewater Capital Improvement Program

    CH2M to perform program management services for DC Water’s capital improvement program, helping to ensure local communities have access to safe drinking water and sanitation systems.

  10. Piece By Piece — Ham Baker And Unitspark Complete Important Jigsaw Penstock For Thames Water

    Ham Baker and Unitspark have completed the intricate installation of a penstock at a pumping station in South London in which a severely restricted access issue had to be overcome with an innovative, cost-effective engineering solution.