Latest Insights on Wastewater Measurement

  1. The Instrumentation Life-Cycle And Instrumentation Systems Within The UK Water Industry: From Concept To Replacement

    The water industry in the UK faces a turning point in the use of instrumentation with the advent of TOTEX (capital expenditures [CAPEX] + operating expenditures [OPEX]) within the current Asset Management Period, the sixth since it privatized in 1989.

  2. Bold 2016 Predictions For Industrial IoT

    FreeWave Technologies sees the Internet of Things pushing the bounds of possibility, disrupting traditional business models.

  3. Math Solutions: Poundage Calculations For Waste Stream, Tank Volume, And Percent (%) Solution

    Water Online’s “Math Solutions,” presented by wastewater consultant and trainer Dan Theobald (“Wastewater Dan”), instructs operators on poundage calculations.

  4. Indefensible Data: The Thread That Can Quickly Unravel

    Not all data is good data. Businesses know this — or at least should — and it effects how they make decisions about sales, marketing and R&D.

  5. Consultant’s Corner: Top 5 Requirements for Good Modeling

    Dr. Jon Wicks, CH2M’s Global Technology Leader for flood risk modeling, shares his thoughts on the requirements for good modeling, building on discussions held at the recent Flood Modeller Suite Conference.

  6. Water And The Internet Of Things: 2016

    Forecasters predict that California could receive record amounts of rain during this winter because of El Nino. Smart water management is important in times of no rain or too much rain so our conservation efforts must continue. The Internet of Things (“IoT”) can help the water supply from the El Nino rains be used more efficiently and with less waste.

  7. Automation 101: Curing Automation Myths

    Automation is a wonder and a dark art to most of the world. Even companies who have large amounts of automation within their own facilities often have misconceptions about how it works.

  8. The Evolution Of Smart Utilities

    Advances in telecommunications, automation, and data analytics are changing the relationship between utilities and their customers.

  9. Know By 'Heart': Flow Meter Technology Of The Future

    To get the latest on the Promag 400 line of electromagnetic flow meters featuring specialized sensor technology, Water Online spoke with Endress+Hauser’s Flow Product Marketing Manager Nathan Hedrick and Environmental Industry Manager Alan Vance. The two served up details on the sensors’ web capabilities, proprietary Heartbeat Technology, and advanced safety features.

  10. Connecting To The Future: Where Will Digitally Linked Devices Take The Water Industry?

    You may hear talk of an emerging “smart grid” in the sector. Maybe you’ve heard of a tomorrow dependent on the Internet of Things (IoT). Whatever they choose to call it, advocates will agree: a network of digitally connected devices is emerging, which will pool data together and funnel it to a single source, painting a more complete picture of how water is used. And soon, it will be everywhere.