Latest Insights on Wastewater Measurement

  1. Smart Networks Are The Answer. What’s The Question?

    Water utilities around the globe face the same challenges: increasing population, urbanization, and more frequent extreme weather events. New supply to meet increasing demand is very expensive. Changing customer behavior to reduce demand is very difficult. The question is how to get more from existing infrastructure.

  2. Simulating A Cure For Brain Drain

    Much has been made of the gap in knowledge to come when the water industry’s aging workforce reaches retirement. With advances in simulation training software capable of getting new employees familiar with plant processes, it may be an analog fear in the digital world.

  3. Betting On Biogas: A Wastewater Plant’s Journey

    The Lancaster Area Sewer Authority’s (LASA) recent $26.8 million upgrade to its lone wastewater treatment facility promises to reduce the plant’s environmental footprint and save costs by emphasizing energy efficiency and allowing for biosolids reuse.

  4. Surfing Our Way Through 'The Internet Of Things'

    By nature, I’m a curious person and always looking at innovations outside of the water industry for inspiration in my daily work. I recently came across an article talking about how AT&T was embracing the idea of the Internet of Things, and it was a real eye-opener on how technology is evolving in our unseen daily interactions aside from iPhones and tablets.

  5. Forecasting The Top 5 Water Trends In 2016

    As the dawn of 2016 emerges and we look forward to the year ahead, it’s instructive to engage in a little prognostication.

  6. Water Data Smackdown: Meet The Top 10 Innovators

    Imagine H2O recently announced the 10 finalists from more than 90 worldwide entrants to its Water Data Challenge. Here’s a brief overview of each company and what they offer.

  7. The Instrumentation Life-Cycle And Instrumentation Systems Within The UK Water Industry: From Concept To Replacement

    The water industry in the UK faces a turning point in the use of instrumentation with the advent of TOTEX (capital expenditures [CAPEX] + operating expenditures [OPEX]) within the current Asset Management Period, the sixth since it privatized in 1989.

  8. Bold 2016 Predictions For Industrial IoT

    FreeWave Technologies sees the Internet of Things pushing the bounds of possibility, disrupting traditional business models.

  9. Math Solutions: Poundage Calculations For Waste Stream, Tank Volume, And Percent (%) Solution

    Water Online’s “Math Solutions,” presented by wastewater consultant and trainer Dan Theobald (“Wastewater Dan”), instructs operators on poundage calculations.

  10. Indefensible Data: The Thread That Can Quickly Unravel

    Not all data is good data. Businesses know this — or at least should — and it effects how they make decisions about sales, marketing and R&D.