Latest Insights on Wastewater Measurement

  1. Connecting To The Future: Where Will Digitally Linked Devices Take The Water Industry?

    You may hear talk of an emerging “smart grid” in the sector. Maybe you’ve heard of a tomorrow dependent on the Internet of Things (IoT). Whatever they choose to call it, advocates will agree: a network of digitally connected devices is emerging, which will pool data together and funnel it to a single source, painting a more complete picture of how water is used. And soon, it will be everywhere.

  2. The Future Of Pipeline Renewal

    Where is your utility when it comes to water and sewer management? Leading municipalities are using GIS tools to provide direction.

  3. Understanding Orthophosphate: A Key Parameter In Phosphorus Control

    Any operator will tell you that a treatment plant is only as good as its equipment. That means employing the devices with the longest lifespans, the lowest operating costs, and the most intuitive designs is critical.

  4. Recap: American Water Shares Expertise At NARUC Annual Meeting

    Earlier this month, American Water, the largest, most geographically diverse investor owned water and wastewater utility in the U.S., played an active role in the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ (NARUC) 127th Annual Meeting,* which was held in Austin, TX.

  5. Smart Water Networks Will Endure When IoT Bubble Bursts

    In its latest Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, leading analyst firm Gartner places the Internet of Things (IoT) at the top of the life cycle phase it calls the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’.

  6. Automation 101: The 7 Habits Of Highly Automatable Systems

    When we automate, we are really just mechanizing individual tasks, controlling that task with some form of computerization, and linking those tasks together in what is called system integration.

  7. Monitoring Water Quality With UVC LEDs

    Rapid detection of changes in water quality is critical in water delivery systems, wastewater treatment, and industrial plants for process optimization, environmental regulatory requirements, and consumer health.

  8. Nutrient Reduction Improvements Made Easy (And Cheap): Inside The EPA’s Guide

    Concerned about potential nutrient discharge from non-advanced treatment plants and the lack of information available to help them combat it, the U.S. EPA has taken matters into their own hands.

  9. Measuring Organic Load: Is BOD Still A Relevant Measure In The Modern Water Industry?

    Biochemical oxygen demand, or BOD, is probably one of the most- and least-known parameters in the wastewater industry.

  10. SCADA Success Rests On Collaboration

    SCADA implementation or enhancement is a collaborative process. One of the hardest challenges is keeping up-to-date on the latest features available and determining whether or not the new benefits offset the cost of implementation.