JCS Chemical Feed Products

  1. Model 4200 Gas Vacuum Chemical Feeder

    The JCS Industries Model 4200 Gas Vacuum Chemcial Feeder mixes and feeds gaseous chemicals commonly used for water and wastewater disinfection accurately, reliably and safely.

  2. Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor

    The JCS Industries Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor is a low cost, non-contact and easy to install measurement device designed for monitoring trace amounts of compressed gaseous water treatment chemicals such as, but not limited to: chlorine, sulfur dioxide and ammonia in a closed or open environment.

  3. Model 4600 Ultrasonic Level/Flow Monitor

    The JCS Industries Model 4600 Ultrasonic Level / Flow Monitor is designed to provide accurate and reliable level and flow rate measurements in the treatment process where harsh environments exist.

  4. Model 4150 Vacuum Polymer Feeder

    The JCS Model 4150 Liquid Vacuum Polymer Feeder is designed for processes that require high efficiency, accuracy and reliability for feeding of most emulsion polymers.

  5. Model 4140 Chemical Injection Mixer

    The JCS Industries, Inc. Model 4140 Chemical Injection Mixer is a proven and reliable device that utilizes vacuum to safely and effectively induce both gaseous and aqueous chemicals into open channel water stream applications.

  6. Model 4710 Electronic Ton Cylinder Scale

    The JCS Model 4710 Electronic ton cylinder scale is designed for years of safe continuous use for weighing 2,000 pound compressed cylinders. The low profile 2.5” Epoxy coated tubular steel frame coupled with UHMW polyethylene rollers allows for positioning and rotating the container with ease. The rolled tubular design eliminates angular edge hazards.