Industrial Water and Wastewater News

  1. Recovers Nutrients From Seafood Process Water

    Process waters from the seafood industry contain valuable nutrients, that could be used in food or aquaculture feed. But the process waters are treated as waste. Researchers now show the potential of recycling these nutrients back into the food chain.

  2. 110 Litres Of Urban Stormwater Cleaned Every Second

    Dirty runoff sweeps urban streets, pollutes groundwater and pressures sewage systems. A University of Copenhagen researcher has invented a treatment method that is now being used at a large and brand-new wastewater facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  3. ISA’s 2018 Standards Awards Highlight Cybersecurity And Enterprise Integration

    Over the past year, the International Society of Automation (ISA) has published ten new consensus standards and technical reports that improve the safety, cybersecurity and efficiency of industrial processes.

  4. Distilling A Solution For Fracking Wastewater

    Research led by the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering may have cracked the code to not only greatly reduce the amount of fresh water used in the multi-billion-dollar hydrofracturing industry, but also leverage the waste heat available at drilling sites and natural gas compressor stations to safely treat shale gas wastewater (SGWW) for reuse.

  5. MGX Minerals To Process First Oil & Gas Wastewater In November; Projects First Cleantech Revenue

    MGX Minerals Inc. is pleased to report that engineering partner PurLucid Treatment Solutions (“PurLucid”) has deployed the first advanced wastewater treatment system in Alberta.

  6. Fluence Successfully Raises A$33.1M To Underpin Growth Plans

    Fluence Corporation Limited is pleased to announce that it has successfully raised A$33.1M via a share placement of ordinary shares to global and domestic sophisticated, professional and other institutional investors (Placement), and will also conduct a non-underwritten Share Purchase Plan (SPP).

  7. BQE Water Completes Commissioning Of Metal Recovery Plant In China

    BQE Water Inc., a leader in the management of mine wastewater and metallurgical bleed streams, has completed the implementation and commissioning of a metal recovery plant at the Guoda gold smelter and refinery owned by Zhaoyuan Gold Smelting Co., Ltd (“Zhaoye”).

  8. SDS Tackles Highway Metals Pollution

    SDS has developed a groundbreaking new sustainable drainage material that offers a simple and versatile solution to removing toxic heavy metals pollution from highways.

  9. State And Federal Officials Determine Fish Kill In Left Hand Creek Is Related To Captain Jack Mine Site

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment have determined that a release of contaminated water originating from a mine tunnel at the Captain Jack Mill Superfund site likely was responsible for a fish kill reported Oct. 22 in the upper portions of Left Hand Creek.

  10. Innovative Mercury Remediation System Has Been Successfully Demonstrated To Reduce Contamination In Power Plant Wastewater

    Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS), has recently completed the successful demonstration of a proof of concept for the removal of dissolved mercury (Hg2+) in power plant wastewater. The SafeGuard H2O system developed by AMS offers a low-cost, reliable remediation system proven to address a range of trace metal contaminants, including ionic mercury. With more than 300 coal ash impoundments across the U.S., ionic mercury among other hazardous chemicals is a primary concern for power plant wastewater and typically requires costly treatment prior to discharge to ensure environmental and public health.