Industrial Water and Wastewater News

  1. Lithuanians Created Technology For Treating Oily Water: Efficiency Exceeds Requirements 10 Times

    Wastewater cleaning technology created at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania efficiently cleans water from oil products leaving it virtually pollution-free (the concentration of oil discharge in treated water is about 0.2 mg/L). Given the efficiency, the technology is much cheaper than the alternatives currently known in the market.

  2. Kimberly-Clark And Deltares Launch Innovative Tool For Sustainable Water Management

    On World Water Day, attention is focused on the global risk of water scarcity due to increased demand and the effects of climate change.

  3. OriginClear Delivers First Commercial Unit In China For Ammonia Removal

    OriginClear Inc. a leading provider of water treatment solutions, recently announced that the company has delivered and commissioned its first commercial system in China.

  4. Mat Baits, Hooks And Destroys Pollutants In Water

    A polymer mat developed at Rice University has the ability to fish biologically harmful contaminants from water through a strategy known as “bait, hook and destroy.”

  5. Directa Plus And Sartec To Commercialise Grafysorber-Based Solution For Oil & Gas Industry

    Directa Plus plc, a leading producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, announces that it has entered into an agreement with Sartec Srl (“Sartec”) to jointly develop a commercial-scale industrial system (“Pilot Plant”), based on the Company’s Grafysorber product, for treating oil-contaminated produced water in the oil & gas industry (the “Agreement”). Sartec is a provider of industrial engineering to the oil, energy and environment sectors and part of the Saras Group, the Italian listed company with a current market capitalisation of approximately €1.6B.

  6. UV Disinfection Equipment Market Size Worth $6.42B By 2022: Grand View Research, Inc.

    The global UV disinfection equipment market is expected to reach USD 6.42 billion by 2022, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Growing consumer awareness regarding the technology coupled with high investments by governments across the globe to employ advanced water treatment technologies to ensure safe drinking water supply is expected to drive demand.

  7. TTÜ Scientists Are Seeking Ways To Reduce Nitrogen Pollution In The Baltic Sea

    The scientists of the Water and Environmental Engineering Research Group of Tallinn University of Technology participate in an international EU Interreg research project GURINIMAS, the objective of which is to give a quantitative estimate of the possibilities to reduce nitrogen pollution in the Baltic Sea.

  8. Improved Wastewater Treatment Technologies Hold Promise For Cost Savings, Energy Production

    Improved wastewater treatment methods that lead to cost savings and energy production are part of Oregon State University’s new Clean and Sustainable Water Technology Initiative.

  9. WWEMA Sends Letter To President Trump And Secretary Ross -- Tariff Proclamations Already Negatively Impacting Costs And Projects

    The Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) WWEMA sent a letter to President Trump and Secretary Ross on Friday, March 16, 2018 outlining our concerns with the unintended consequences of the President’s March 15, 2018 tariff proclamations on steel and aluminum.

  10. World Water Day: PepsiCo And The Nature Conservancy Announce New Water Conservation Projects In Southwestern States

    To mark World Water Day this week, PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy today announced new projects to conserve and replenish water in the Southwestern United States, marking the next stage of their multi-year national collaboration.