Funding News

  1. Atlantic City Halts Controversial Water Privatization Plan

    After months of consideration, officials say the water utility in Atlantic City, NJ, is not going to be privatized.

  2. Pentair Awards Grant To Water Environment & Reuse Foundation To Advance Biogas Research

    Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) recently received a grant of $100,000 by the Pentair Foundation for research characterizing the quality of biogas derived from wastewater solids, co-digested organic wastes, and other digestion enhancements.

  3. Feds Push Flint To Spend More Money

    The city of Flint, MI, is facing pressure from the federal government to spend money it received to improve its drinking water infrastructure.

  4. With Toxic Algae Concerns, Ohio EPA Considers New Wastewater Standard

    After a toxic algae issue led to a drinking water ban in Toledo, OH, a few years ago, the area has become somewhat of a “ground zero” for nutrient pollution issues.

  5. EPA Awards $8.6M To Commonwealth Of Northern Mariana Islands

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded over $2.3M to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands’ Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality (BECQ) to strengthen its capacity to protect human health and the environment, and has awarded over $6.3M to the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC) for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure support.

  6. Santa Fe Forced To Write Off Millions In Unpaid Water Bills

    Unpaid water bills have turned into a costly problem for Santa Fe’s Public Utilities Department.

  7. Project Backers Seek Investments From Water Bond

    Moving closer to final decisions about which California water projects will receive funding from a bond passed by voters in 2014, the California Water Commission heard presentations regarding about a dozen storage projects that have applied for bond funding. 

  8. Consolidation Continues In Midwestern Water Market

    In a move that will further consolidate the water industry in the midwest, Indiana American Water has acquired Georgetown Water, a utility in Southern Indiana valued at $6.4 million.

  9. Plans Progress To Upgrade Virginia Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Irish Water, working in partnership with Cavan County Council, is progressing with the design of an upgrade to the Virginia Wastewater Treatment Plant which will support residential and economic development in the town. This project is included in Irish Water’s capital investment plan and will be delivered during the lifetime of the current plan (2017-2021).

  10. Santa Fe Weighs Ability To Provide Clean Water Among EPA Cuts

    As the Trump administration works to reduce spending by the U.S. EPA, some states fear how cuts could affect their water and wastewater treatment work.