Funding News

  1. Santa Fe Weighs Ability To Provide Clean Water Among EPA Cuts

    As the Trump administration works to reduce spending by the U.S. EPA, some states fear how cuts could affect their water and wastewater treatment work.

  2. Study Estimates $13 To $15B Boost To U.S. Economy Through Water Efficiency

    A direct investment of $10B in water and energy efficiency programs could boost U.S GDP by $13 to $15B and create 120,000 to 260,000 jobs, all while saving between 6.5 and 10 trillion gallons of water, according to a new analysis by the Alliance for Water efficiency.

  3. Idaho Town’s Wastewater Funding Questions Mirror Nation’s

    The line that a wastewater utility in Nampa, ID, is attempting to straddle this month is emblematic of the nation’s struggle to address the costs of desperately needed treatment plant upgrades.

  4. EPA Provides The U.S. Virgin Islands $100,000 To Protect And Improve Water Quality

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) with $100,000 to give it the tools and flexibility to support communities of the U.S. Virgin Islands that depend on clean water resources.

  5. Water Rate Increases Drive Residents Out Of South Carolina Town

    The cost of water in Lake Wylie, SC, is so high that some residents may move out of town.

  6. Belcarra And Lahardaun Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Improving Discharges To River Moy SAC

    Irish Water, working in partnership with Mayo County Council, has just completed an upgrade of two wastewater treatment plants which has improved the quality of effluent being discharged into two rivers that form part of the River Moy Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

  7. Eversource Completes Acquisition Of Aquarion Water Company

    Eversource achieved an important milestone recently, closing on its purchase of the Aquarion Water Company and in the process becoming the only U.S.-based electric utility to also own a water utility.

  8. Iowa Has Secured $12 Million For Water Projects

    At a time when many water systems around the country need all the help they can get with protecting source water, maintaining infrastructure, and eliminating contaminants, the state of Iowa has secured a critical boost.

  9. Water Environment Federation Urges Congress To Fund Key Water Programs

    The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is strongly urging Congress to continue federal investment in water infrastructure, geographic watershed and state grant programs, water systems security, and water research programs as it finalizes Fiscal Year 2018 spending bills.

  10. NJ Voters Consider Water Privatization This Month

    The question of whether to privatize water systems was on the ballot of three New Jersey towns this month.